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That's the only way you can put it. He was dreadful and this was his first time. Kicking in a game atmosphere with a is a little bit of pressure because you know what check that that's a lot of pressure. He realizes his job is on the line and i don't care if it's a meaningless preseason game. He knows if he missed his kicks. He's done. He's gone and who's going to pick him up. He's gonna have to wait for a team to have an injury the at the kicker position to get another chance so that is pressure so i was. I was proud of chris. Boswell's performance study did well kickoffs and obviously on fuel goals and point after so. I'll give give him my surprise my disappointment this'll be a toss up between justin lane and benny snell junior for me. <hes> i bashed on denison. They'll junior pretty pretty bad my winners and losers call him so i'm gonna go justin lane because i thought justin lane i guess mentally i thought to myself okay. This guy has a he's the pedigree he has the size is it's everything that you're looking for in a draft prospect and he looks like just the next in a really long line of bum middle round quarterbacks now like brian said it's only one game but he played a lotta snaps and he didn't look very good so i'm going to say to my disappointment was is <hes> justin lane now with that said wrapping up week one here on this show i will say that i i would take every single thing you hear from us from any other show on our a platform and from any other show anywhere with a gigantic grain of salt because it is just week one of the preseason and justin lane is poorly as he played can still rebound and play veteran week to in continued to improve in turn into a really good solid quarterbacks although he's a disappointment for me right now and i know i'm not alone he still can turn things around so that's my thoughts on week. One all right dave go ahead. What are you got force. You summed it up very well with. We've really got to take with a grain of assault because it is just week. One guys can look great and you can remember it if guys don't look great they are going to have a chance to to to to show that they can do you better because one person i consider talking about that. That did not play well that i thought were kind of got lost in the crowd was marcus allen. If you remember last year your he didn't even really play and didn't look like he was gonna even push to make the team until week three preseason that's when he made his big push so even even if you're not playing you're not doing well. It can turn around but i'm not gonna use him. I'm gonna say i'll take the obvious one for who stood out to me and i will take in the in the words of coach tomlin ulysses grant. If you caught that on his press conference that was funny <hes> they had a big laugh about that as they asked me if that was a nickname or a slip and you said it mike yeah that's going to be a nickname oakland's. Yeah yes yeah yes we did so <hes> so no but gilbert art i he just seemed to have the speed and the flow and the just seemed to be in the right spots and i mean he had the interception on the two point conversion urging. He had a sack and a half yet a forced fumble in there. I think he had a pass defense too. He just now granted coach. Tomlin did say he was doing that later on in the game aim not against the same competition so i'd like to see what he does this week because i think they'll get him out there sooner my disappointment. I'm going to say because you guys are gonna have to help me with this. I know i saw him on the field because i was at the game i know i saw him on the field for special teams..

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