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Set. It's time to name the best film of the 1970s. You can vote now. Film spotting dot net slash madness. Before I get to that championship match up, let's look at the final four results. It was all heavyweights, all the blue Bloods. We had The Godfather, going up against The Godfather, part two, and Star Wars a new hope versus Spielberg's jaws, the two box office hits that redefine really how Hollywood worked. Going up against each other, only one of them can survive. The Godfather matchup went as you probably expected. Godfather one, over godfather two, 68 to 32%. Here's Justin Zimmerman. If I were to graph the greatness of The Godfather over the course of its running time, the graph would be a straight line. A plateau of greatness from start to finish. My graph for The Godfather part two would show higher peaks of greatness, but also valleys. Perhaps they even out in the end, but only the flawless film escapes the film's fighting incinerator. There's Justin applying math to film spotting madness which we always appreciate even if we don't understand here on the show. Yes, The Godfather advances. How about Star Wars versus jaws? Much closer, maybe no surprise there. Last week, I suggested that Star Wars may be the film that's moving on. Now maybe I misread the early poll results, or maybe early on, Star Wars was in the lead and it seemed like it was trending in the right direction. However, jaws, well, it bit back. Here's Alan. He says, it all depends if I go with my heart or with my head. Jaws is a better film. And as time continues to march on, it holds up better than a new hope. But from my heart, I can still remember standing in a line that wrapped around the block to buy a ticket for a Star Wars showing 8 hours later because all other screenings were sold out. I played with the action figures, had the posters, and the lunchboxes. It truly is part of my makeup. It finally came down to this question. If both of these films were being thrown into the incinerator tonight, and I could only watch one one last time, which would it be? Allen says it would be Star Wars, and he notes in parentheses, the original 1977 version. Well, guess what? Applying that same logic Allen. That's why I voted for it as well, but we were in the minority. More film spotting listeners out there going with their heads over their hearts, jaws, advances, 55% to 45%. That does mean that the best film of the 70s will either be The Godfather. Or jaws. The godfathers rode to the championship, it took down the black stallion, Hal as she was Harold and Maude, Spielberg's close encounters of the third kind, alien, and The Godfather part two, and not a single one of those matchups was close. Jaws it beat Charles Burnett's killer of sheep, John cassavetes, a woman under the influence, Milos Forman's best picture winning one flew over the cuckoo's nest. And yeah, it took down Coppola's Apocalypse Now and Star Wars. So you tell us you get to decide once and for all, what is the best film of the 1970s? Is it The Godfather or is it jaws? And there is a bronze medal. The third place film, The Godfather part two or Star Wars. I have a feeling. I have a feeling the heart is going to win out. On this one, I have not glanced at the results. I am intrigued to see where it currently stands and taking a quick glance at it. It looks like, oh man. It's close. The head and the heart are really duking it out. Your vote may decide the third place title. Godfather part two or Star Wars vote now. Film spotting .NET slash madness. We do have a prediction contest. Why have a bracket if you don't have a prediction contest, the winner gets a very exciting film spotting prize pack and gets the opportunity to compete in our internal film spotting madness competition, which has a very special prize or at least a very special penalty, as we'll talk about here in a moment, and right now it's Brett Fisher's to lose Brett in Portland, Oregon. He has been in first place for four consecutive weeks, and he does have The Godfather over jaws in the finals. Iffy is correct. And there's a very good chance he's correct. Brett is going to do something actually pretty incredible. I don't know, Brett if you've had a tough week or not, if maybe your family or coworkers or something aren't properly appreciating you, they need to listen to this segment and understand. How incredible you are. What if feet you have accomplished? We have only been doing the prediction contest for three years. Out of the last 8 of doing film spotting madness. I went back and looked at the number of correct guesses in the winning bracket. And if you look back at 2020, I believe the number was 56. There may have been one or two people who correctly picked 57 of the 63 matchups correctly, but the winning bracket in terms of overall points got 56 right. The next year, 2021, and I may have these inverted, but the point stands. 2021, 53 for the winning bracket out of 63, 54 on some brackets, but the winner got 53 of 63 right. That's formidable. If Brett correctly picked The Godfather over jaws. He will have gotten 62 out of 63 matchups, right. The only one he missed one that I incorrectly guessed as well. Would be dawn of the dead and days of heaven. Back in round one, he thought Romero and the zombies would take malloc down. It didn't happen. Days of heaven advanced, but that's the only one he got wrong. That's incredible, Brett. Congratulations. If you hang on, you truly do deserve it. In our internal contest, me, Josh, our producer, Sam, film spotting madness, godfather, listener, Mike merrigan, and last year's winner Andy Hampton in Madison, Wisconsin. We duke it out and the loser has to suffer. That has traditionally meant watching an Adam Sandler Netflix joint. We still haven't figured out what the new penalty will be and we're open to suggestions, but Andy, currently. Last year's winner, he's in a three way tie. He's doing it again. Fourth place overall. Great showing by Andy. He also has The Godfather beating jaws in the final. Myself and Sam, we had The Godfather going up against Star Wars in the final. We dropped to 238th place. Josh, he had jaws making the finals. Well done, Josh. He's up to 141st. And that would worry me, that would worry, Sam, except Mike merrigan. He had The Godfather part two beating one flew over the cuckoo's nest in the final. Mike is now in 676 place. Out of nearly 800 predictions. That means no Adam Sandler or no punishment for us, happy watching Mike. You can vote in the championship match now through Monday, the 11th at 11 a.m. central time Monday, the 11th, at 11 a.m., is when polls close, we'll announce the winner on next week's show. This episode of film spotting is made possible by film spotting family members who support us on Patreon. Thanks to new patron, Fred from LA. Family members.

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