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The Celtics j b in the third twenty four to twenty. Remember Boston in eighteen point lead blown back in the garden. Couple of months of bills when these teams two teams met. Ended up being Rondo buzzer-beaters. The difference Irving off the curl catches lays it in as you turned the corner coming over the right, elbow such good left hand, Anita. He's always under control. You never see career down around. Always gets a quality. Look Rondo or something three by William. Stock shoots. That's blocked by Irving left to the lane Hayward who had the assisted the other end brings it up this time kicks Derosier Angola. Jerry's into the game with real to you to go in the third group aims back Irving angle right off one dribble shoots for three. Carrier four apply for threes. Got twenty two points to lead. All scores is warming. He and smart into Riddick. Here's the third rebels the ramp throws the Caruso, the rottweilers skip pass over the top Bullock who can stroke it left corner for three. No, good rebound by Aaron Bates. Now, I will say this about Bullock. He is really struggle here of late to first last sixteen from three zero top of the arc to the nail lobster to the right wing. Leaping to catches Brown. Brown spin to the left hand dribble. Shoots. The fater. That's gonna be short. Rhonda. Yes. Rondos four three bound. Bounces the bulletin for the Laker bench at our wherever you go. However, you go for energy on the go. It's got to be five hour energy it works fast. It works long. It tastes good. And with zero sugar and four calories. There's nothing holding you back fits in your pocket in your backpack..

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