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Here. He is now with our speaker, Dr Michael Ziegler. Thank you, Mark. I'm really glad to be here with all of you today, and I'm excited to kind of turn the tables on the Reverend Dr Michael Ziegler. Usually during this time he gets to interview somebody. And today I'm going to interview him. Where, at the beginning of a series of sermons on the book of Ephesians, which is one of my favorite books, and I'm very excited for this series. But I have to be honest with you, Mike. As we go into this series, I find it kind of a daunting task for you to have to go through each of the these chapters of Ephesians. There's just so much in there. Chapter one, for example, what you're talking about today. I mean in Greek. It's one sentence. It just keeps going and going and going word. Long sentence. Yeah, our grammar teachers would hate it. How do you approach the text? How do you decide what you're going to preach on when you're just so much well with a letter and to remember that this is a letter written by Paul The way I approach it is to imagine that I'm his letter carrier. I'm taking us like the guy he mentions at the end of the end of the chapter, Chapter six. And in that time in that culture to be a letter carrier, it wasn't like dropping the envelope off in the mailbox and emphasis. The letter carrier actually performed the letter. Like Kid at a piano recital would perform the piece that they had practiced. So I treat the letter like a written musical composition and I just start plunking out the notes. I start saying it out loud. In my own hearing by myself, I just say it over and over and over again until I Learn it by heart and I could speak it to myself and and hearing it over and over again. I m in expectation that God is going to be speaking to me. And I wait and see what he brings to my attention. And for this case and Ephesians, Chapter one, it was this idea of inheritance. It's a word that Paul mentions three times and the opening chapter and And I sense God leading me in that direction by meditating on the text. What is it about the idea of inheritance? This idea of inheritance that you think is so important and relevant for us today in our Normal dealings with inheritance. It's driven by death. We talk about inheritance as something you get from, Uh, parent or relative that passes something onto you when they die, So as I started thinking about how we experience inheritance, it is Always driven by death. But Paul is not talking about it. In that way. He's talking about it as something that We receive in Jesus, who has defeated death, So I felt like that was the first challenge for us is here's to get what Paul is saying is Not talking about an inheritance that is driven by death. But One that is given by one who has conquered death. It is a real good point. I think the world Today is so drastically different than the world that Paul was writing to that. We hear that word inheritance like you said, as oh, Grandpa died, And so now I inherit something back then it's much more an establishment of identity. It says. You're a part of a lineage, a different type of person. Because you're within this inheritance. That makes these statements from Paul Pretty radical. I would think. Yeah, I like how you say that that it's it's more about an identity. It's about belonging to people. But even in their case, they also are there. Membership in this people is still limited by death as at least as a unique individual. I can be a part of this people for a time, but then We all face death. And so I think Paul is speaking to that. That cultural understanding of inheritance as identity being part of a people, but then also addressing this thing that we have in common with the people 2000 years ago, limitation by death. No, I'm thinking through the words of Chapter one. Now with this lens of inheritance, I'm seeing This idea that we have been adopted. Right. And if you're part of the inheritance than that, says something about the surety of your adoption. I'm thinking about the fact that where this has all been sealed by the Holy Spirit and That it costs the very blood of Christ and just how clearly important This must have been for Paul. I'm also kind of thinking about what we started with this idea that this is 1 200 plus word sentence that just seems to keep going and going and going and it's almost like Paul is so excited about this idea that he loses track of himself. And kind of nerds out on theology and Gloria talk like this is just so amazing. And I also kind of thinking about the person who's listening to us right now. What do you think Paul might want? The average listener. Me, you someone else listening to us right now to take from this today. Well, you you used the phrase, I think overwhelmed. That chapter one leaves the listener in in this overwhelmed the state of being that this is just so big. He goes on and on and on. And what is this that I have been adopted into? I think that's part of Paul's. Strategy as a speaker is to overwhelm us with awe and gratitude and humility. It does feel like in some ways you're standing on the edge of this cliff. Of what you know, and having to leap off into something completely unknown. You mean no more death? You mean the whole world brought together under Jesus? You mean None of the things that we currently struggle with all the divisions and Things that separate people are all gone away and done away with in Jesus to leap into that is a in some ways exciting but a terrifying thing. But if I can leap into the arms of someone whom I know Jesus, who has given his life for me then then I can make that leap but it but it is. It's an overwhelming in some ways, terrifying thing. Think about inheritance in this way. You know, I've got to thank you, Mike. For this sermon and for going through effusions, I picture where I am. Usually when I get a chance to listen to Lutheran hour, And to be honest, I'm doing the most mundane things. I'm driving a car. I'm doing the dishes and listening to a podcast version. I'm doing household chores and listening along to you. In the midst of those mundane things it can really seem like life is just those mundane things. But in this you've given me a picture of just how big God's plan for us is and how big his plan for all creation is. And that there is an invitation to jump into that. So I'm really excited for everyone else to get a chance to hear the sermon, but also for the rest of the sermons in this series. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with you here today much Yeah, thanks for for turning the tables on me and asking these questions, Delightful conversation..

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