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In awhile off hasn't it turned out to be the case are us open tennis while roger federer was was rallying in central park and and just take a moment to imagine you're at central park playing some tennis on a beautiful day in new york city and roger federer walks up and says hey guys and it's going to practice for a little while i don't know if you saw those pictures on it yeah not and that's gotta be pretty cool that would be a to you're just going to golf and who showing off rory antibody your woods it out veteran he's the greatest tennis where that ever lived yeah what you're you're you're you're rallying and said you you you in central park with your friends you're playing tennis and the greatest player that every lived just shows up that to me that's what it is so you name it it'd be like jack nicklaus coming out and saying hey can i play or could i hit are the or your hour as it or be your four thousand words jubal it's very slow up there can which is drawn up and play the last four holes together sure jack come on over bring tom watson where they while you're at it anyway at the us open vinas one sharapova one what else added in august rude the venus a winning seven five six four i i actually saw a lot of a match last night seventy third us open match win tight steffi graf the full four in the open air so they're tied were american ann arbor trail over his eighty nine tied with serena chris evert leads the way with one hundred one you mentioned maria share or one as well and then fetters going to be look in poor is eighty match win at the us open so that that the door is certainly open for a venus williams a maria sharapova as far as name value is concerned we see some of the top seeds already luzerne we know on the men's side so maybe the top players are out in roger federer sitting there looking to to grab that us open win top dawn kyrghiz irving is officially a boston celtic and isaiah thomas in jae crowder an anti asia h and a couple of picks now go to.

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