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Law and now j. chain is the host of the grill coach podcast and each year with tips on grilling the perfect rack of ribs for your fourth of july barbecue at the girls podcasts. We're all about taking the complexity out of barbecue and grilling just providing tips where we learn teach in share everything in the world of barbecue. I love that in. Give me some tips for the fourth of july. In fact let's do ribs for the fourth of july absolutely so so many things we we really believe three simple things to really estimate your game. one is kosher. Salt to is a meat. Thermometer in three is a good knife. So this i'll explain these one of those the kosher salt. We wanna use that to prepare a dry brine and so anytime before about the could meat on the grill sprinkled on there and allow that to dissolve and allow that to be art of you. Meet what it's gonna do is going to add flavor throughout out to me. It is also going to help you maintain moisture so that wait. Everybody's juicy in just makes everything takes more like what is supposed to be made beef taste. Delicious pork is gonna taste delicious even chicken after the dry brine. The other thing we need is a meat. Thermometer is so so important that you know what you mean is kupuna internally you. We don't have live in the days where it's the wives tales of. Will you do this for so many time in this so much time. And you know we don't have to guess you cook it to a desire temperature and then the third thing is a good night. That knife is gonna be used before you cook because no matter what you buy in where you buy it from you are the cracker of that barbecued protein. And so i want you to make sure to trim off all undesirable pieces any hoax of fat or any other bone shape. It like the way you wanted and the other thing is when you've done the presentation would eat with is to win. You see ribs at are disappoint. Apart on a plate they might not look as good as something nets really nicely sliced with some. You know cadillac cut. Have you heard the cadillac cut. The cadillac could is when you have all the meat hanging off of one side of the bones. That where you can get a real moist me by those three things right there. I mean that really improve your barbecued. Jay chen is the host of the grill coach. Podcast you are the grill coach. In the way you described this sounds so delicious. Is there a way that i could just come to your house and loganville just have some of yours. You know what absolutely follow me on instagram and just reach out because this is a community and barbecue. It's about the memories that we create with the people around us. And i don't care if you got outland rub or sauce or something but if you and your people around you like it you are winning your careening. The memories for your guest for people around you and i'd say hey i like i love to sarah so come on. I've got no secrets. i do. Love that you say that. It's a community in. It's something to share. Because that's the thing when you're grilling in your backyard. It's always better when you have people over absolutely and you know what an more importantly it makes it. People not gonna remember. You know the things that you say or how that is gonna remember how they made you feel and when you took time and you fired up a grill and you shared that with people. People are gonna feel like warm inside. Even i have to tell you what. I'm cooking i just tell you come over for. Rbq it almost feels like a warm hug you know and an even the impact that has on our children you don't they i mean they. They're just not all just up but they think they know they were at a barbecue and they were member those time with family and friends together. And that's the kind of stuff the sticks with you really. I mean it makes the world a better place came denier j. I have to say you make me excited to to hear more. I could listen to you. Talk about grill ribs all day long. That's great you know. Because if someone i just love doing none of this is from the arts in i started to grow code podcast just because i love have conversations just like this and even we know that everybody has their perfect way to cook ribs. And it's like we wanna learn that we want to share that. I mean there's no sense in hiding this. You know because i never cook the same record ribs the same way twice because there's too many ways to like all. Let me try this. Let me try this. I know that you know it's fun. They're like when you try different versions incubus. It gets no better than that where you can share that with people and even your cooking ways jay. Chen is the grill coach. He's from loganville can find him online at the grill. Coach dot com the girl coach. Podcast jay thank you so much for joining me on the podcast awesome. Thank you very much. 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