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The five most disappointing players in the nfl this year in okay of the five orf ethinc there's somebody else that i missed tell me throughout prior james winston john ross more yoda and matt ryan anything jump out negatively positively gonna miss somebody your your best car car's been better than winston and car's been better the matt ryan no north lord marginally better no he ever debated better matt ryan admit what's been down at the same boat but like i put coronary you got hey y'all feet tier one event credo he was the highest paid quarterback rabin and then ryan zinke offending it'd be paid pete yeah i though grit the new office of course i guess he has to do off as a coordinator to cause jack fired a bill must great for the second time in his career w far fired must grapes twice by the way far too wants to jack bill um yeah i don't know i think wh i think cars on that list to let me let me prior yeah last year in operation more than what we you know what i mean when i put cars before it put prioro a p a lot of a conversation and he still too probably too early to really know with with voters are thinking but around the mvp its than tom brady it's been carson winds which is is likely out of it now because he's going to miss the remaining three weeks of the season with that acl but russell wilson has been thrown in often because of obt and i talk about this all the time the magician had he is he just easy is unbelievable when he keeps his team viable when they they're just bad what are you i mean deal like that thought of russell wilson being the mvp simply because he's the only offense at times for the seattle seahawks offense upper told africa would have very renumbered number two leader moghadam behind brady anil last week in rome last week he was awful first half off over the cap away the to crack trooper for thirty six yards in the first half with jumpy did will comfortable at all had protection by the way line played pretty well protected leaving clean pockets uh but he's the conversation.

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