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Cul de sac a mess of an investigation I'm Nancy Solomon For two years I've been trying to find out what happened to John and Joyce Sheridan political insiders connected to several former governors But there is they're putting out there what happened It murders suicide This was just not the John and Joyce any of us knew Dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery from WNYC studios Listen wherever you get podcasts It's 5 20 later on morning edition to Michigan elections bureau says 5 Republican candidates for governor of the state actually can not appear on the ballot because fraudulent signatures on their nominating petitions The move is a major shake up for the primary which is less than two months away We'll get the latest on that coming up In just a few minutes 56 partly cloudy out there this morning today's forecast mostly sunny a high near 72 and then tonight cool once again and 54 tomorrow mostly cloudy and a high near 71 and then Friday we have a slight warmup to the upper 70s with showers under mostly cloudy skies and gusty on Friday as well Your weekend there's a warmup as well Not hot but warm 56 and partly cloudy now at 5 21 Support for.

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