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For me dog it's a no for me. Dog last one is with this book, make a good movie. And if so, can you cast a film? I don't think we need to go that far, but I just wanted to know in your head, who do you see playing coach? Pitino because I have a few thoughts. It's very hard. It's very hard to to get. I mean, Pacino twenty zero was perfect, but we're bad. The stereotypical thing is like the Italians like the Niro Pacino. Right? Of course. I mean, that's the that Pacino, but chino seems like the obvious one, not even just because his name sounds familiar which by the way you catch the part delay Pitino's basically hired at Penn State, but then Joe Paterno said, you can't come here because the blind Paterno and your patina. Then they'll think it's too close to close. They're gonna have to call you coach, Rick, but turn Paterno said, I don't wanna get involved with your future scandals that would solely my luggage. Yes, and I have a, I have a sterling reputation around these parts and I can't have. I can't take any risks with us. He's been good guy all along. It's at Dover based on as we keep finding out the more that we do the research we, we realized that we've been sleigh botched by our own perceptions in life. I think Rob Lowe as Rick Pitino doing it and Italian accent is what I want. That's what I want. And I wanted to be like I wanted to be low grade like I wanted to be everyone's like, well, how much was this budget? You know what I mean? Like I wanted it to be the set is falling apart. Rob Lowe's, forgetting his lines. He's falling back into Chris traeger every once in a while like that. That's what I want. So in that case, why don't we do? I got to better than four you mostly because I just watched face off like a week ago. Why not Travolta indoor Nick cave? Nick is what? Oh, nikei just Nick cage John. That's what I won't Nick cage as. Do you ladies. Oh, good. I don't. So again, like the book, I think the book would make a shitty movie, but the story would make a good movie, if that makes sense. Yeah, that that's my, that's my final verdict is like, didn't they make good? Yeah, exactly. There you accept the blue chips. I don't remember Nick Nolte in an Italian restaurant. I can't. I can't stress enough like how do you leave this out of the book? I like you don't want to upset your family, get it, but this is all anyone wants to hear about it just I don't know. I don't know in. So speaking of speaking of the talian restaurant, all this stuff. Do how long do you think Ripa Tino jokes are in play? Because I'll be honest, I'm sort of getting burnt out by sort of like, and I know that I'm the, I use the most. I've, I've made hundred of them sexual jokes and and and fifteen seconds and all that kind of stuff. Do you think this is going to be forever? Do you think like, do you think like ten years from now when I'm writing a column and I need a. Funny line and I'm just like, I leave a blank there and I come back and revisit it. I'm gonna make like Rick Pitino fifteen second joke because it'll still be invoked or do you think there's a shelf life for the stuff?.

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