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We're speaking with Frank Bruno partner at sixteen w marketing, he's a leader in the sports marketing industry, having sold it for more than half of the teams in the NFL and to go she hit a record breaking partnerships and sponsorships licensing and merchandising. Right. Thank you so much for joining us. My pleasure. Good to be with you guys. Happy new year. Happy new year to you. And before we hit you with some questions, you maybe you can set a little debate here at the office. You played football at Princeton ebbing, Novi Williams Novi underscore Williams on Twitter, which I hate he played late wait football at Princeton where there's a weight limit. I don't think that Celts personally does that. I usually prepare. I'm glad you're tiger at and those guys are tough, but they had hard at our place. I don't know whenever was there. But he didn't he didn't. He was industry. He didn't. I was at the. I didn't want. I feel so inadequate. I bowled on Monday nights. That's it. No, no, no, no, no, Frank, Michael bars. Lifetime best on the bowling alley to ninety nine. Wow. You imagine living with that. Yeah. Day nine pin? That just how did that happen? You missed one last shot the twelfth shot in the tenth frame. I threw it. And it was for the pocket, and I'm like get the champagne boys. This is it and it drove in hard in a driven so hard it left the nine pin. And that's too bad. You're into sports marketing you've seen it all what's better story. What could you Mark ninety nine or three hundred? Two.

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