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Now for marine wildlife it also nary a sewer and it's probably the actual at best area for marine wildlife is there year round seward and now the peninsula there has just chock full of marine wildlife but you can see and experience but no matter what time of year you go you have an opportunity to seeing wales whether it's on her excursion her possibly from the ship itself uh depending on what you're doing um and direction that you're doing obviously will take part in any more he's doing it and doing into areas but most importantly focusing on those areas of going in and out of the glacier experience either going in the aca tech safer hopper glacier or going into a glacier bay itself which is spectacular okay i would love to do that and i would have to have a balcony um happen to do that of course but uh or see we only have about two more minutes um but since we're talking about wildlife i want to find out is yeah i i would certainly focus within your clients and listeners any time is when you're going out to alaska is did one get off the ship uh the crews portion is a spectacular area or you can do a coup is elderly experience were you're just dizzying different ports of call uh indifferent stops along the way but he really don't get off the ship but really the best way to see and experience alaska is to get off the ship endure land tour with that cruz as a combination because you'll be able to go into the spectacular area in particular denali national park which is a must see destination and probably the best concentration of wildlife it up their clients have an opportunity to see it all of alaska hammer yukon territory denali ashley park is spec aktuna you wanna see the wall i go to their knowledge now when you're going through the glaciers or the rule scenic areas is that something were you know you have to get up at oreo me kinda go out to see it uh when you're sailing through there is that something that happens um you.

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