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Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business Tech tumbles again from Bloomberg world headquarters I'm Charlie palette We've got technology shares dragging down stocks after data this morning showed U.S. inflation may have peaked but also suggesting price pressures will remain elevated for quite some time NASDAQ now down 223 points down 1.9% that has stacked 100 index also down 1.9% broad based selling with the Russell 2000 down now by 1.2% to put it all in context The S&P 500 Index down 28 down 7 tenths of 1% that now down 122 lower by four tenths of 1% The ten year yield 2.91% spot gold up 1% of $18 the ounce now to 1856 West Texas intermediate crude is rallying 6.5% now up 6 53 a barrel to one O 6 31 The Federal Reserve bank of Dallas has named Laurie Logan as its next president succeeding Robert caplan who resigned last year following disclosures about his personal trading activity in 2020 Recapping stocks allure NASDAQ leading the way down we've got the S&P down 27 points now down 7 tenths of 1% I'm Charlie palette There's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg opinion informed perspectives and expert data driven commentary on breaking news It is time now for Bloomberg opinion and we welcome today columnist Tim.

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