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When it breaks updating the situation in Maryland on I. ninety seven north bend after the farm road overpass it is now a single left shoulder getting by the accident cleanup and investigation now along this stretch in the delay that was coming off of westbound fifty solid all the way into Crownsville it's also a work zone that was set up with a single lane getting you buys that that's going to cause a headache in the middle with the delay on I. seventy westbound between forty percent and sixty five Sharpsburg pike the right lane was blocked with the works then after Marion's ville road there was a report of a crash eastbound forty near pebble beach drive is a report of a rack and northbound to seventy it's the ramp to westbound I. seventy a single left lane gets by the crash there now some bridge work the eastbound span of the bay bridge the left wing into getting by the cones with the westbound lanes open on the Harry nice mac Middleton bridge watch for the delays along three oh one trying to get across the bridge traffic continues to alternate across the bridge for the work in Virginia no major issues if you're on ninety five south I watch for the work near six thirty in Stafford on the right side but not because of the back up three separate works on set up along westbound sixty six near nightly between one twenty three and fifty and between two thirty four business in the prince William parkway none of these causing a backup in the districts some accident closures Pennsylvania Avenue between southern Avenue in Alabama Avenue that's an accident investigation watch for redirection and Albany's captain southern Avenue was a single left lane getting by the crash lows is open in here to help you through this very important time with critical supplies to keep your home safe and healthy buy online and pick up in store for free or have products delivered to your.

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