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Here's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main rival conceded defeat Wednesday, promising to wait a robust battle from the opposition. After the ruling Likud party and its nationalist allies, one solid majority in parliamentary elections Israeli politics. Analysts Emmanuel Novon says Netanyahu is likely to reappoint the same team with the exception of tally Bennett from the Jewish home party coming coalition is going to be nearly identical to the previous launches Vinnie real difference. It's basically going to reform the same government was the simple news except for Neftali Bennett. But Neftali Bennett four new party used to be the head of the Jewish home. And the Jewish is is entering to Khemisset again Netanyahu appeared poised for a historic fifth term as prime minister. With nearly all the ballots counted from Tuesday's vote official final results were expected Thursday. House. Republican leaders are cheering attorney general William bars decision to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. I want my attorney general to look at all the facts already leader. Kevin McCarthy says it's important to find out what happened and make sure it doesn't reoccur prejudgment. But let them look more told the Senate committee. He believes the president's campaign was spied on Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. Families of the slain victims and survivors at the school shooting in parkland, Florida say they initially had no plans to sue the school board or Broward County sheriff's office since those agencies have promised to reach a financial settlement with them. But attorney Bob Kelly says while victims of the parkland school shooting have been suffering Broward county's been lobbying against the settlement for them all the lawyers in this room and all the clients in this room have been working for months now to try and reach a peaceful resolution of this without having to go to court. We are now being forced into court to get Justice for our clients on Wall Street, the Dow up by six points, the NASDAQ rose fifty..

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