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Seattle kitchen show on Tom Douglas the chef in a half large audiences swindle today so are the ones that are here are doing a fine job of making us feel happy and healthy and wise and all of the above Kenta Maeda chef yes Sir we we use a lot of canned tomatoes in our company yeah and over the years we on this show we have done the hostile society tasting panel on canned tomatoes and what we did was we went to the grocery store and bought every major brand of canned tomatoes and then the house brands that these stores have like at whole foods it's the three sixty five safe way it's the I think select or something like that and then we caught a mall open we put amount of tray with numbers on the plates and then we tasted them essentially blind right and there's a whole tomato we'll get it right here I I have no number and yeah just a whole tomato they're all the same essentially you have to you either take that seem to mail you chop it up you rate make sauce out of it or whatever it's the same essential tomato correct but every brand is different comes from different areas of the world and we were I was pleasantly surprised to find that the least expensive ones like near gland or something that really showed well and we're just as good as the fancy ones from Italy or other places around the world and you know our friend Chris bianco has a canned tomato if you see it it's a B. I. A. N. C. L. it's a really good canned tomato juice but we used tons of canned tomatoes and this is the time of year to do it correct right so when you have a Prosser farm pop in in August of thirty five hundred minutes let's then use fresh tomatoes right but right now it's can't canned or dried tomatoes and there was a craze in our world just ten years ago I would say were dried tomatoes were everywhere may have some right to middle name is ago every dish every day twice and he you know I'm sad about is that at this time of year in February and March that is when those tomatoes correctly on the dish correct but you don't see much anymore I think they're a really good product of course do you ever use them anymore it's like funny they just want a fashion and no but I have some when I was in Australia as another fight that you mention it is summertime in Australia correct that still left I had them and I was reminded how much I should we bring this back on the menu yeah they're really good because it's delicious and they're really flavorful they're very intense in flavour obviously and when done correctly not the truly piece of plastic that some people do when he's done correctly COS some moisture on everything it's really delicious product yeah and of course they are dried at the height of their seasons M. product at the time and impact in of the the best ones are packed in my mind and great olive oil right and it's it's a I think a great alternative to a cardboard square greenish red tomato that you might get in the grocery store right now yes exactly I mean of course there's the ones coming from the hot houses but there's six seven eight dollars even even those are still the I I I actually bought some this weekend about three fresh tomato hothouse into canned tomato one big one small so I can tell you what I had for experience though the raw the raw tomato will absolutely tasteless mmhm and they looked for their pounder remember three ninety nine three ninety nine they were expensive and I I the for the three it was Fulton made on the plants and I think they will a pound and a quarter mmhm so it's we're looking at about almost five Bucks of tomato and they were tasteless and I tried it because I was like I knew it it's not I was like yes sometimes I just get to try it it was exactly what I thought it was going to be him should I know bill your cancer battle for probably a better candidate overall look delicious my canned tomato wind into a super big soup student I made I had some leftover I owe one big Turkey breasts in the freezer and I decided to take the Turkey breast thought it out and then dice it and put it into a a soup of the carrot celery onion and red beans I know you love red beans and then can tomato obviously I use all those about one can to promote the role and one can of hold food three sixty five or something I don't I don't remember that was exactly know something better something but anyway but those two cans of that because I wanted to see if there is a difference and again you have to be really good at testing the difference in those two tomatoes specially once I put them in the soup there was a fire like you add the anything garlic onions carrots celery or not made a nice you and then dice that Turkey breast and then bring everything to a boil reduce it down a little bit higher the cost of chicken stock put everything in there and made a wonderful bonus soup I mean you did anyone else think it was wonderful yes my wife because I know you always love your cooking I try not to make crummy stuff and they make it I would I think about when and when Donald Trump always says I have a perfect conversation with the Ukraine or I made the perfect decision on this code virus I think of Terry I think I made the perfect meal last night it was so delicious affected me I'll always wonder somebody else agrees with you I wasn't trying to make anybody agree with me is just perfect to me I'm sure have felt like a soup and I wanted to make sure that it was nice and sturdy and lots of veggies colored green at the end can now color green cattle put at the end into the soup diced I could them in smaller pieces it was super delicious sounds good doesn't sound good to let's talk about that there's a lot of so many things I think you could do with canned tomatoes that people kind of get caught up in doing what they've always done which is let's just say spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce or tomato soup but there's plenty of other ways to utilize canned tomatoes I pulled a couple of things off line or I should say Abigail did and that one is a chicken paprika ash now what is paprika chicken it's a little paprika sauce I don't really think of that being tomato based right so basically you would take your chicken fights you know my preference chicken thighs skin on and give it a nice slow hard sear right in my mind you can hardly over cook a chicken thigh meat right it's you you really have to work at it where you can over cook a chicken breast in minutes we can dry at a chicken breast for sure yeah so anyway so I'm going to cook it nice and slow and then I'm going to pull that out well it's resting on at my onions and I'm going to get those a little bit cold not like caramelized but just a little bit sauteed golden in the chicken fat that you've rendered from Ryan and then I'm going to take that and I'm going to add paprika a sweet paprika now if you want to add smoked paprika you can I find it a little disturbing taste like eating your own yeah looking an ashtray right which we don't like to do these are these idled its and that's that more Spanish style smoked picnic after breakthrough hot smoker for example the the paprika holy smokes we have two minutes the paprika that I have in my line is much lighter smoking that's amore floral and we just put that on top of the onions and then I would either if I'm going to make it look like a Hungarian style house showcase your knowledge you could stir in sour cream you can enter in a little cramped print fresh young or just cream and make this kind of creamy paprika sauce okay or you could put chicken stock but or you could do a little combination of some canned tomatoes and chicken stock a mechanized yeah I see we have been re cut tomato sauce got it and they just put a lever butter noodles and I have something a little bit different right yeah and those those can to metal right now are you do you know right now Sean fishes in beautiful season you know clams mussels anything like this you make a nice of you open your muscles into white wine tomato and onion you make that as a base for some white wine tomato onion cook that down a little bit put your mouse on your climb in there and let them open up take them out and then finish reduce that down that size down you have a wonderful base on your hand you could add bacon you could add diced potatoes and make a mini child of some kind you could do all kinds of different things but the two males of the summit is a delicious yes absolutely so there's so many things you can do with canned tomatoes I really would suggest though when you're at the store next time by five different hands right kind of mall opened taste of all next to each other decide what is your brand what what you like the best the take the ones you have now you got five of them can't you all just pure ram all together and freeze them so for a chilly or setting of that nature but now you know the sort of always wondering well I wonder if if paying fifty cents extra is is better for that Italian version or or whatever now you know what brand suits you and by the way testing them raw is not the same as cooking with them make sure you cook with them yeah you're not really on them also yeah but cooked already I don't think you have to cook and decide what your brand really need it's okay for us to disagree okay which means that I'm right and you're wrong yeah I'm sure that if I did okay.

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