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Yeah go ahead and take a human dump in the box. We've got something up on the jumbotron. Message for kevin and laura andrea boy. This is late. Congratulations on moving to australia. And buying your first home. I can't wait to visit when the us makes some sense again. Love you both very much and full choice. A very sweet message. That's really nice. What andrea doesn't know. His kevin and laura are locked in one of those mad max situations man. That's tough yeah. They got their shit going on in australia. They're dealing with how to find water. They got all these masks. There's a guitar that shoots flames mazing fucking rules to be honest with you. Well not to mention the thunderdome. Oh that's a big problem. You know have our own. Tina turner here in the united states. But they're tina. Turner is way more bad ass and our tina turner is very bad ass. Sure but there's will force you into combat for the amusement of the other waste. Landers you're gonna say no to those thighs. No dairy thighs. Great tina turner one of the greatest ever to do at jordan Tina turner. what's love got to do with it. Private dancer and of course australian tina turner to the finest ever do it and buy it. I mean force you into armed combat for the entertainment of waste. Landers if you if you want to get up on the jumbotron whether or not you're a wasteland. Maximum fund dot org slash. Jumbotron is the place to do it. We'll be back in just a second on jordan. Jesse go It's jordan jesse. Go i'm jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective and joel. Kim booster king of anal fissures. So your father died from some poisoned wine. I hear it was. He had to. We had to force him to step down sure. He didn't go willingly when something momentous happens to. You like you finally ascended the throne we ask you to give us a call at two zero six nine eight four four fun or send a voice memo to jj go. Maximum fund dot org. A many people have six. Eight and brian has listened to them. All here's the first high guys. I've got a retroactive momentous. Occasion about twenty five years ago. I was visiting my then girlfriend. And she introduced me to a guy whose name was gator. And i asked him if that was his birth name he said yes and then i asked him. If you don't mind where's it come from. He responded that. It was a reference to a burt reynolds. Movie called gator. I asked him if he'd ever seen that movie. And he said no. The jordan might appreciate to shut it down. Shut down the segment jordan. If you ever met my brother the longest yard no please introduce us. These are the twins. Smokey and the bandit. He's never seen never see. It's wouldn't you. I be the first movie. I too i mean. Even if it's not your namesake. Pretty good movie. I mean listen it has some. It has some dark shit that you don't expect given how funny the first half is but you know it was the seventies. You gotta have some dark shit. I guess i bet. Burt reynolds chew some gum in that motherfucker sure does drives a big fan vote as well. Oh hell yes should we jordan. Should we quit doing you know for years. We've been complaining about the fact that not having a format or premise or really. Any reason to listen as held back our careers. Do you think we should have a gaiter starring. Burt reynolds recap podcast cute. There's those guys do star wars minute by minute. We should just do we should we should ask them for the for a blessing. Take their format away from. Let's i'm sure they're having their own success in their little niche world doing that you know sci-fi movie that You know i guess people like talking about comic con or whatever. And i think we should really blow up the format by applying it to a movie. People really care about real people. Really care about. Gator starring burt reynolds legendary. Burt reynolds vehicle gator. What is that movie about. Well let me tell ya jordan. Guess journ joel. You were just at first blush hearing the name. Would you think in this movie that burt. Reynolds fights gator no. I think it'd be about golf. So i yeah sure. Sharpies machine is about golf. Yep it is about burt. Reynolds is a fan boat. Drive in criminal drug dealer. He some sort of some sort of well then. I don't wanna watch it. Yeah i don't want. I don't watch yeah. It has a lot of swearing. You probably wouldn't like it illegal activities. And he's the hero of the peace. Is i know it's show. I mean this was the seventies you know nine. I know that the darker time carter era malays gash shortage all that you know. Well if there's a shortage guys. I'm looking at the imdb for burt reynolds here. Did you guys know that he started a movie called ww. And the dixie dance kings. Yes of course. We all knew that again jesse. We all knew that we always know that everyone knows that in the world jordan joel back in one thousand nine hundred fifty. Seven sweet talking. Ww lived in a fifty five olds loved bubblegum. Errol flynn country music. Fried chicken robbing filling stations. And a girl named dixie. Not necessarily in that order. Et sounds like you just had a stroke midway through reading this op sister. That movie because it stopped making a lot of sense. I have to say it's got ned beatty to wearing. One of those riverboat gambler hats man. Yeah i don't know. I think This is our last. This is officially our last. Fuck around chat show as of next week. This is all a burt reynolds. Recap podcast so If you were here for the fucking around or the hilarious guests from the worlds of comedy and entertainment You can fuck off all burt reynolds all the time from here on out you know. We're doing hooper now. Yeah here comes. Hooper minute by minute. The man who loved cat dancing to women loved him. One died four and one killed for him. You were just making these. Yeah stop lying this one as george hamilton. Stop lying about fake. Burt reynolds movie jesse a liar. I didn't come on this podcast to hear your lies. You're afraid to hear the truth. You guys are afraid of the truth. That's what's going on here. No way dude. We're all about truth. Dolphin in pursuit parts one and two. On flipper jody of an opinion about burt reynolds. One way or the other good mustache. Yeah fine most. that's about it. yeah. I mean you. Basically summed it up brian. We have another call in their high burden jesse and guest. I'm gonna guess it is helen hong. Okay well john. From nature loans. Memphis occasion i was out taking my government mandated. Walk today And i was coming on the home. A famous actor who lives in our town and for the lesson. The i couldn't remember his name. Mike the picture them. I can remember some roles that he was in Couldn't remember it. And i was the boning my rack of memory as i get older and as i passed the home i was listening to jordan. Jesse go at the time. Of course and then i passed the home on jordan. Jesse go in. The actor's name andrei brower. And i felt a kinship like never felt before god. That's a dream to live in the same town. As andre brower basque dre brower. Audrey brower the star the star of homicide life on the streets and and of course brooklyn nine nine. Oh i know who andrei brower is yes of yesterday's just to relax and enjoy his.

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