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Games the fan, by the way, there's a battle going on Twitter right now between two guys that you know. Well, right, Paul Dottino. Okay. Jordan, Ron, oh, really? Didn't he help you write you're dead? And he covers the giants now. And obviously the Tino as the giants. He is the giants, right? So as already argument is about what started with Paul tweeting. I guess about Jordan without mentioning him on Twitter. You can mention okay. So he was writing in response to Patty trainer who also covers the giants. He tweeted, hey, Patty. Remember, click bait does not require accuracy, knowledge or accountability. It only requires one to continue to feed the frenzy click bait, meaning basically getting you click on something that really doesn't he's he's basically accusing accusing Jordan of click baiting. Well, what's interesting is? I guess he is he never says his name per se. Right. But I guess that was the assumption. Okay. So argument Jordan came out and just crossed. Hey, the Tino my name. You're ready. I'm here. It is. Hey, paul. You're the biggest loser I've ever met. How have the sack to at me or say it to my face at least? And yes, the fifth day of the league year was Sunday, which I confirmed with the league and the contract reads, the bonus gets paid on the first Wednesday of the league year, big L's. So I guess that's what the debate was about calls him a loser. We arguing about win. Ally was getting bonus essentially. Commit? Well, I guess the way it started was which what he is again until tomorrow. I don't know. Doesn't matter to me. Mad at you started on what I'm sure five million dollars. If he got paid Sunday Sunday considered a league year day, and that led to Paul tweeting that Jordan tweeting night argument is about what is the lease day that ally gets paid. So who you saw. I think it's absurd. Even an argument over this. I mean, I thought maybe it was that something that you argued about Beckham. Whether they trace it happened does something like that. Maybe I understand it a little more. This is the argument about what's the league gets paid. I think it was the cause Paul said more than what day it was that it's click bay, and it doesn't require accuracy and knowledge or accountability. So I assume Jordan was ticked off about that that that was an attack on his journalism. So yes, you're right. It started based on something as mundane is what day qualifies as the next thing. You know, they're hurling like expletive said at the Paul hasn't responded. I don't think I think Paul stake in the hierarchy taken. I could see Tino taken tyrod. Get the feeling the team has a high road guy. Well, but then again, I think you've got a real to really to really look at the Tino was being anything. But thin skinned. I mean, you could probably say almost anything about the Tino, and is okay. That's I mean seriously. I gotta take it back. Took the Jairo because he started it. He's the one he's not I mean joins like taking shots at it to the next level right out. Right. Started by accusing him of doing click bait and not being accurate. Thanks name. Well, that's what Jordan said. Yeah. That Paul was kind of indirectly. Okay. But if he's not even saying your name, why even why respond to it? Yeah. Gilmore's bringing am I missing something. Yeah. I guess that'd be the mistake. I don't know what to think about this. I'm of mix. I do think Paul started it though. Well. It sounds like. Sounds like you started bolted guys. You know, I'm not I'm not taking sides here. Just they just this. It just sounds like a ridiculous argument to be happening over. It's it's another reason why you're glad not to be on. Thank god. Grow on my God. I blame Odell for all of this. Exactly this fault. Yeah. Anyhow quick break. But didn't go to Robert here in the mid that. Wow. Spring training isn't just.

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