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Obviously we're Dallas is his progress. He's still learning the, just, the, different the intricacies the details of route running understanding, coverage and leverage but I think as we as we, scale back when we get. Into a game plan and we're game plan specific when he can really detail I. Think it's going to be an exciting match up with the and hurts out on the field Eagles will practice again tomorrow morning as training camp rolls on Phillies have. The night, off they open a four game home series with the Miami, Marlins tomorrow night at citizens Bank park Phillies snapped their four game losing streak. Last night, with a three. One win at Fenway park against the Red Sox Jake Arrieta. Came up big in that game for the Phillies. He allowed just a run on six hits in, seven innings. Of work did not walk batter struck out seven. Sarangani Dominguez pitched a scoreless ninth for his eleven save the win improved the Phillies to fifty nine and forty eight they remain in first place in nationally geese half the game ahead of second-place, Atlanta when the Phillies open that series. With the Marlins tomorrow night Nick pathetic will get the start on the. Mound in, minor league baseball Gloucester Catholic high. School product Mike show is one of, the top, pitching prospects in the, Boston Red Sox organization he. Has spent this season in, the starting rotation for the Red Sox AA squad the Portland sea dogs and she'll Warren talks about the -veloping his, craft in the minors while I think he's slowly you learn some new things you know first couple May try and hone in on your pitches you know make your. Slider fastball once she gets double a start to see the batter's make significant jumps where you need to be able to set. Up you know set him up have a plan of attack. A little bit more detailed plan of attack and mix things up as you go long. Into the game show Warren played college baseball at Maryland he was drafted, in the fifth round in twenty sixteen and this season for Portland. Is six and eight with a three point two eight ERA nineteenth starts that's sports I'm Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio up next affiliate fan and Boston, to see the fills play the Red Sox says he's kicked out of. A game now you got. The wrong guy 'cause I said I didn't curse or any says the request came..

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