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The utility player you hear me fill in for everybody and be a part of our special coverage when we have it whether it'd be the hurricane or the pulse nightclub i'm usually doing the night call in show but you know our our fearless pd said last week's is kyle i need to who's for tuesday because clark still it wherever he is and we need to finish to fill in each be my utility guy so i'm here with you and excited to be here tonight sad that we had this breaking news just moments ago and in case you just joined us seven forty six is when we got the alert barbara bush is dead at the age of ninety two so we'll remember her throughout the night and that is pretty upsetting i don't know where clark howard is i heard a rumor that he was at coupon akon and i'm not really sure if that's a real thing so i don't don't take that as fact because you know how they have you know comecon for for the comic books and comecon sandiego for the tv fans and awesome kong and star wars con all the cons they have at the orange county convention center no oh troncon over at the orlando science clark howard's at coupon con i guarantee you that's gotta be where he is i'm not sure if that's fake news or not but that seems like something i would believe so i'm gonna roll with it but i don't you know who knows but she got me all the way up until ten o'clock and last week when they told me i was going to do this show all right what do i do because usually i'm in the c filling in on orlando's news at noon or evening news and you know we we're doing the news and you know and drew goes you know what go in there and be you just do whatever you want and you know for a while i'm trying to think about you know what is there to do what is there to talk what do i wanna talk to central florida about and got to really thinking about.

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