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He's pretty cool. Seems to have a pretty level headed approach to the game But you salivate over locked charm arm now if the broncos could hire a man scientists to somehow surgically combine the two. You might have a better david car now apart. They're each one half of the ideal answer but you can only them the game with one and as for the. Let's trade locked crowd. You know you are well you might wanna think about just cooling your jets just a little bit. Maybe throttling down a bit for one. Recent history says both quarterbacks will see the field at some point this season for another. What kind of return do you think. Get for the guy who ranks number thirty two. Among nfl starters passing rating. That would be seventy five point two last fall now. We already know. Bridgewater has the chops to get the job done. But if we're totally honest with lock well it's kind of a wait and see deal now isn't it. But what do you think of. Teddy bridgewater being named the starting quarterback of for the broncos. I kept my powder dry in this one. But just watching those tapes. I had to admit that. I thought bridgewater had it hands down but again you broncos country are the experts so let me know what you think. Nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten dropped me tax stunner thirteen ten kfi tax. Meanwhile drew lock after losing that quarterback battle to teddy bridgewater. Well he showed his professionalism certainly he. He was disappointed by the call but he vowed to stay ready for his moment. Should it indeed dot com in two thousand twenty one according to a piece by kyle newman out of denver post. He had a chance to talk to drew. Lock and locked. Said i mean totally a class. Act saying unprompted that. If my time comes and i never wish anything negative bunt anybody especially at this position. I'll be ready for it whenever going on to say there won't be any lack of work from me. I'm going to be able to go out there and keep the play the same and if not try to make it a little better. He went on to say. I have to look in the mirror and see what i need to get better at figure out what it is that i need to do to keep progressing. Keep getting better not taking any steps back..

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