Baltimore, Barack Obama, Alliser Cummings discussed on Sean Hannity


Said I was wrong all that I've been cry because a certain personification of a certain time for as a down south you know something was in terrible crack in the wall lights is not true but the confusion is you should use I mean sometimes being flippant you said things you shouldn't say because it is a member of your message Sir would you say no the worst part of this and I'll let you both way and final question Baltimore got one point eight billion from Obama's stimulus law I realize a one point eight the how do you blow and waste one point eight billion well it's the what happens in large cities is that lots and lots of friends of people like Alliser Cummings end up with a lot of money you know you just have to go online and Google how Elijah Cummings is white and her charity have done collecting money from people who have business before his committee to know that that's the way it's done in Baltimore the money does not trickle down to the actual projects it ends up in the hands of their donors hello last four damn budget of but for now sharp then in that cut you played is gonna be some background on it too he was mad at David Dinkins a black New York City mayor had gone after him about the ballots are only concerned about one thing that al Sharpton and everybody needs to understand I grew up in New York without struck that he loves division this is not a unifier we need unity right now not division and certainly not all sharp but I you missed a great debate I once debated out the national action network I brought in the tape recorder with all those tapes you just heard the room was so packed that literally there were thousands of people outside of those big were we were debating and and and literally you know screaming let us and let us and everybody wanted to see it damn bungee no Darryl isa thank you when we come back my interview with president trump straight ahead traffic and weather for Columbus radios and WTVN news radio six saying WTVM Ellison lion simple use it right Patterson Air Force base kicked off a week's worth of emergency training exercises today the base warned area residents not to be alarmed when they hear any loud sirens because it's all part of the training exercises this weekend the annual.

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