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Tuesday morning. America's First News continues on his twenty seven th day of November new this morning US ambassador. Nikki Haley is calling on Russia to stop its aggression against Ukraine in the Black Sea near Crimea as she made the comments Monday at a United Nations Security council meeting after Russian ships fired on and seized three. Ukrainian navy ships Sunday impeding Ukraine's lawful transit through the Kerch. Strait is a violation under international law. It is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept in may the United States condemned. Russia's construction and opening of the Kurt straight bridge between Russia and occupied Crimea in August. The United States condemned. Russia's harassment of international shipping and the sea of arm and the curse straight. The United States will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine again. The Russian aggression. It is our expectation that our European partners will lead this effort through the Normandy for format, which we support we call on Russia to respect its international obligations and not obstruct or harass Ukraine's transit in the Kerch strait and to de-escalate the tensions. It has created as President Trump said many times, the United States would welcome a normal relationship with Russia, but outlaw actions like this one continue to make that impossible the United States will maintain its Crimea related sanctions against Russia further Russian escalation of this kind will only make matters worse. It will further undermine Russia's standing in the world it will further sour Russia's relations with the US and many other countries it will further increase tensions with Ukraine in the name of international peace and security. Russia must immediately cease. It's unlawful. Conduct and respect the navigational rights and freedoms of all states. Now, the incident sharply escalated tensions that have been growing between the two since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in two thousand fourteen President Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of this week's g twenty summit in Argentina pope Francis says the sickness of consumerism is the enemy of generosity as he called for the faithful to give a little something to the.

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