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Welcome back it's the hollywood social lounge here on abc news radio came et fourteen ninety an we've got mr shawn nickerson and the house good morning shawn a good morning everyone yes and it is a huge show today hugh epic we usually have huge shows we have epoch shows this is definitely going to be one for the books because later on of course got trailers that are trending like adventures yeah that's a pretty big one we got benji which we interviewed yesterday on the morning show if you missed any part of that all you have to do is go to committee fourteen ninety am dot com or follow me on facebook twitter instagram and you'll see the riposte of that interview with the director of benji now playing on netflix also we also have a little bit of a trailer of i'll of dogs yes it's not just the trail it's also some behind the scenes you know i love these motion capture moments when they motion capture these little characters and the go through the painstaking process of doing that and it takes forever and as the result of the entire thing i don't know it takes like i think years right for some of this data work yeah motion capture sap stop action i forget what they call it but speaking of characters we'll be talking to someone who is very well known in the character world especially we're talking about pokey mont we're talking about yugioh we're talking about sailor moon yes voiceover actress veronica taylor is going to be on with us i'm super excited about this i know you are too because you're thinking wait what i could talk to ash ketchum about catching them all the show you can and of course you can go follow her i'm following her on twitter already we call this the hollywood social lounge for a reason because we want to connect you with their social and you can follow the veronica t ask your questions there she'll be joining us live on air so get your questions ready will ask the questions maybe you've wanted to be a voice over actor or actress maybe she has some tips and we'll get a little bit of inspiration there so i'm pretty excited about that i don't know about you sean but pretty exciting stuff i mean you already do voice over work i should say for the station.

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