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Any form of marijuana may be harmful during pregnancy and, well, breastfeeding. Marijuana can affect your ability to care for your baby or someone else's baby. It is best for women to quit using while pregnant and breast feeding. If you are pregnant or a new mother using marijuana, you are urged to seek help to quit. Pregnant Women received priority admission at state funded treatment centers visit Sober Mom's healthy babies dot or GE that's over Mom's healthy babies dot org's or call to 11. This message, sponsored by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, aired in cooperation with the Nevada Broadcasters Association and the station, Meet Sarah Hi. She's a hairstylist and graduated from cosmetology school year ago. She has an adorable puppy name. Rex Rex Sarah has been in recovery from opioid addiction for Over three years. I broke my leg skiing in 2014 and was prescribed opioids for pain. Like many I developed a dependency that I couldn't break on my own. But now I'm in recovery and feeling more like myself again. Sarah's doing great things in her recovery and you can, too. If you were someone you know, struggles with opioid addiction, go to CSS envy dot org's slash substance Dash abuse Help is available, Find the courage to fight your addiction. We can help you start your journey to recovery. Visit C s s n v dot org's slash substance Dash Abuse thiss message funded by a grant to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, aired in cooperation with the new Better Broadcasters Association, and this station 10157 28, K Dawg, the talk of Las Vegas. All right, guys, We're back to doll you So thank you for tuning in 1877 Doctor Dolly 1877 Deal CD. Thanks to Genesis Communications Network from making.

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