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Yeah, that's scary. Why does say I just entered thirty one weeks and the one symptom that I felt that they say you get starting thirty one weeks the swelling and just retaining a lot of water. I notice. You're wearing your compression. Thoughts. And it's so weird. How mmediately just your face like? When artem took the photo of you and I walk him last night because the sunset. I just looked at that and go. No, no, no, no, no, that's not me. I won't even let them send it to me and I know that sounds so vain, but I couldn't help it be like. Oh, my gosh, like I am seeing changes right now and feeling it I feel it in my cheeks isn't. Talking and you just fill your cheeks like filled with water, just walking I know it's just that part. I'm definitely know like okay think from here on out. It's when it gets really uncomfortable, and that's what the APP I was reading was saying and I'm like. Okay I'm feeling that. Yeah, definitely is, and you definitely have to just like. Go Vanity, because everything just gets more swollen, and you just have to accept it. Bree go a vanity. The minute that I ladies scraped and I saw what was happening down there so much that you won't let arms and your that cute picture. We took last night with the sunset. Well I'll send it to you, but it doesn't need to be posted. How about that? Okay? Now? I think I'm going to post it. Whenever well speaking of Artem I have to say I absolutely loved last week's episode of Total Balas. I think it was really fun to watch the engagement. I was sad because I wanted people to see more France like we were there. For while you know, and there's so many other things that we film that didn't make the show which you know always happens, but it was really fun just to relive the motions to the way. ARTEM set up engagement to see his. His family which I. It made me miss his family. I was like all. Where's mom and dad the saying? Oh, I bet you know I have to say that I feel like this past week's episode definitely should have been two episodes and I know you and I actually tried to fight for that because we filmed so much in France and we got such amazing footage. And I just feel like I'm only being half an episode. You craved more of it, but like now what I love is people know where artem gets his sweetness from his parents are just so incredibly sweet, his brother I mean when artem just started crying, knowing that they were fifteen minutes away. Made me teary eye again and me, too, and it was just I was so happy for him. And you know we had artem go out there. meet his parents without us because we wanted him to have that moment because it had been five years since he saw that and artists family are very close, and so it is hard that they they go almost every five six years, and then they see each other and Artemis goal with our baby is like we wanna make that a yearly thing where we see them not every five years and I, know it would mean a lot artem, but just in the episode seen how cute they were, and then I have to say for me. Seen all of you talk and plan the engagement. It's I mean that's where I'm lucky for reality TV because it really was fun to watch all you is in. Breach. Let's relive the moment where I go upstairs. And you're giving artem the ring which I had no idea that you're the one that flew with the ring. which by the way do you know how much? Day over that. I mean I could imagine now were hit. Diamond kept telling Mama's violence. I'm like okay, so if I go through security like why do you have this diamond? And I? Don't know what you always just think. You're in trouble rate and I was like, do they? Are they going to take it away from me? And then like I don't WanNa lose my backpack or actually leave my backpack somewhere and someone grabs it. There's just. Just, so much. I had to think about flying there. I was like I couldn't wait to give arden the room. And then when you walked into the room, it was the first time in my life. I had no idea what to say. Which is why you and I just had this crazy students, so we have this staredown and I'm just in my head. I remember just thinking. Why is it so awkward right now? Wondering you were hanging. Hungry and I wanted a nap. I was so because what people don't realize is artem and I. That was like day six of France for us, and we did all the business stuff, so artem and I were up morning till night, doing different seminars in wine, tastings and dinners, and it was incredible experience, but by the time you got there. We start filming. Aren't I were very tired and but you know we want to entertain or excited the families there, but I remember leaving that like argument I go in and take a nap. Remember filling all day like that was so weird. Like made me laugh so hard. Because we're just so, but now I know why it was so awkward what I'm like. Why didn't I think of something to say? But I had no idea what to say, and then artem didn't say anything. It was just that you guys were just. So weird and I'm like what it's as if like people were talking about you and you walk in and they don't know what to say. I'm like wow, but so I have to say and then just watching the engagement and. Artem just won't forget that tour because artem was just so nervous and You know as he was talking, and like you know anyone who's listening and you've been proposed to like I. Don't know what comes over your significant other, but like they just get like shaky, and and you're like what's happening right now. Like sometimes. You don't even know if you're gonNA. Break up with you, but artem was just so nervous as he's giving the tour and I'm thinking like it's the tour of a castle. It's my birthday and when he tells me look out the window when he gives me the rose. I laugh because it was pure darkness and I'm like Oh beautiful, but like what and later artem told me he goes. That was a whole vineyard that was supposed to be lit up, and that's why put the rose there because I wanted to show the vineyard and artem said when he goes out, and.

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