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I would say so that means at least one of those teams on that list isn't going. To who gets knocked out of the playoffs next to you, my best guess, from that list is the Spurs, right? They were team coming into this season. A lot of people were not sure they'd be good enough to make the playoffs. They don't have a ton of depth, right? Lamarcus Aldridge is a year older. Marta Rosen is a year older, assuming that keep both of those guys. So I think if I have to pick one of those, especially with the clippers, you know, likely to add some kind of big name this summer, I think, is probably the spur. What do you think it's fluid because if the clippers don't add anybody, they will be the team only outside looking in. But if they do land, somebody, I see the Utah Jazz of being bumped out of that situation. You know, I I liked their team. But I think with the Lakers coming in. I think they drop out. I agree with you. I think if the clippers get Kawai, then they could go all the way to number one if they don't get him or a comparable talent than I agree. They could be a team that falls out of it. I don't think that the Lakers are the only new team to make the playoffs this year. Sacramento to me feels like a team on the come. Do you have an I in the I see the look on face? That's a bold. Call. If the FOX takes another leap, like he did last year. They add another player, then yeah, I could see the being in the mix. But again, like you're talking that bottom of the west to get in the playoffs. I think Sacramento's got probably take two more jumps to get into. How about the pelicans? How about a pelicans team? That is a newly built with all those young Lakers. I mean, we're gonna have to stop calling them Lakers at this point. Right. But all those young now former Lakers and obviously Ziying out in the middle of it. And whatever they do with that fourth pick we had here. If you missed the beginning of our show today, telling us, they're going to try. They may try to flip that fourth pick in the draft into a an established veteran like Bradley Beal type of player. Yup. Through the pelicans make the playoffs. I mean look, if they can get Bradley Beal, then. Yeah, I think they're in the mix. I think if they have the fourth pick or they get somebody that's of lesser stature. I think it's going to be tough because again, I on Scylla rookie and you're still talking about Lonzo ball hasn't been healthy, Brandon Ingram who's coming off the blood clotting issue. Right. And they have a lot of stuff to sort out, but they also have a lot of town. Well I like New Orleans and I think that New Orleans is going to be the Sacramento of last year. They play very well. And, and they get to a point in a season where they just don't have enough to get over. The hump, but I see him, you know, right there, the bottom nine or ten all right? We have more basketball as we continue in again, Castro vote on my poll on ESPN at ESPN. Greenie on Twitter as to what you think is the best duo will see the reaction flying and candidly, it's distracting me. Let me get into football. We are seventy nine days away from the start of the NFL season. And one of the huge story lines this year is Dak Prescott when, and if he gets an extension, and how he will perform in two thousand nineteen, but Dan relapse is with us. This is really I think, has established itself as one of the big question marks in the sport this year because Prescott there was some people who believe he is a franchise quarterback pay him, like one of the elite guys, there are many others who have questions and wonder if he's been dragged along a little bit by Zeke Elliott and others. Give me some tape make a case..

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