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That's fantastic. Okay do you see what I just saw the time and this conversation is going so great I feel like we could probably all talk for like eight hours. But since we're coming up on time here, I'm going to ask one more question and Ducey I'm going to let you ask the last question because I wanNA make sure we get in like these hard hitting questions here. So this is one that's heavy on my heart like that I think coming from you guys will be what people need to hear but what are the risks of not being diverse and being left behind in this world that's going to more diversity. What are those rest for a small business owner? You know that doesn't move forward but can I? Explain. US In like a simpler way right and then try to. Connect the dots to this larger concept. So I'll tell you with just technology K. so we had to diversify into technology using more virtual platforms and most of the population that we work with is older. Older generations that have like this fear of technology or this fear of. Of trying to learn new right I'm right. The way that they're thinking like there's that whole thing right but what happened with? Let's just say somebody that's unwilling to change that mindset. They are gonNA get left behind right and then it's GonNa put them in a position where they're just okay now by myself. And everyone else keeps moving I feel like the same thing with diversity for anyone that's in envious in a small business entrepreneur space they continue to function in a close minded they're going to be left behind or space where it's just like. Now I'm just here everybody else's just have has moved on with the these concept in these in this thought process but. I agree I think. That's the best way I could explain it. We literally had a DM today from someone who was considering our product and they reached out they asked us to our CEO name. What have we done for the recent black lives matter communities and by pock, and then they asked us our percentages of.

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