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Wcbs fiveday forecast here's bill deger the rest of our saturday will be a rather gray and cool what we'll even see a shower thunder storm on occasion with a high of only seventy three four today war pushes through this evening shower heavy thunderstorm with it then cloudy and humid overnight low sixty eight tomorrow the sunshine does return we warm up to eighty seven we'll be humid and there could be a spotty shower thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening head of a cold front behind that turning less humid sunday sunshine in a breeze high eighty one tuesday sunny seventy nine and partly sunny eighty one again on wednesday i'm meteorologist bill deger in the wcbs weather center right now in central park cloudy sixty two degrees sixty four in this concert sixty two in stamford google is predicting death risk in the hospital here's wcbs's michael wallis signified almost anything on google now the company is predicting when you'll die bloomberg's mark bergen is joining us mark thanks for being with us how does this new technology work this is google's a system and the idea is just a research paper now but the idea to clinical settings basically able to scan loads information about electronic medical records and then they'll spit out some predictive models it'll say this patient has the likelihood of having this disease or having this long hospital stay or even something extremism this likelihood of dying during knowledgeable visit and this is useful how well this is useful.

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