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So I, I share with you right. I updated the intro you know for today and I wrote down, we take massive action you'll have success and I changed it. Consistent action because really not massive action that swings that that moves needle now is doing the same thing over and over going South riverbeds are made you know just just need to be consistent. What is your favorite best or most interesting failure? Wow. Okay buzzkill. Trying to be positive here for the kids to I would say two things one is social media I suck on social media. So if you're out there and you're like a social media maven. In. You like this obnoxious personality awesome beard Let me know because I could use some love but. I I told my wife when I started because I watch Max match. Well, I said, I'm going to start a blog. which is a video blog, steve and Andrei going to. Blow this thing up, it's going to be called zero two. Zero two seven. In twelve. So zero, two, seven, and twelve zero to seven figures in twelve months. So I'm going to build this wholesaling business to seven figures in the first twelve months. And we shot we shot video we shot two episodes and what I quickly came to realize was getting to seven figures wholesaling was a lot easier than making blog I. hated it. I self conscious every time the do call me like, Hey, we gotta shoot I blow him off fast forward twelve months my wife's like. Well, you should have done it here. We are seven figures in your for you call it your like you like Babe Ruth Dead and nobody got to see any of it. So that's a huge value. The other one would be You know we try not to cancel too many deals I. Know You guys close on everything we probably like eighty percent some of our stuff falls through which I think is still pretty good given our volume. But the money on deal because I locked it up too high. Sanit out to our list realized within the first day it was too high or any action did something we never do which is sending out a second time at a reduced price started calling buyers in the area. Nobody wanted this deal called the old lady back and said, Hey. My funding partners I. told you. We're not buying this ourselves. They're not seeing this. The way we are I'm GONNA have to cancel chew. So Nice Okay Matthew I completely understand. Canceled the deal was a sixty day contract fast forward forty five days her son Leo on the forget calls me I was cutting my grass and says, Hey. How's it coming on the closing? We haven't heard anything. I said Leo I canceled that two days after I signed. I spoke to your mom and he lost his mind and I don't mean he was mad. He was crimes upset he said listen my mom's got dementia. She's really struggling. We have been looking forward to this closing for forty five days. She's living with my sister in a two bedroom apartment. She needs this money and I'm not saying you didn't tell her you were canceling, but she doesn't remember she's packed up and moved out. So I call my dispositions girl and I say what? What happens if we take this to the MLS? She's like well, it's. It's pretty ugly. So how bad is it going to be well, looks like we could lose anywhere from like five to ten. So I talked to my wife who's the CFO and I'm like, Hey, I messed up here's the situation I. Think we should buy this house. And she was what are you? Why would you mean Whoa we decided to buy it. We sold it. We lost about eight grand. So is that a failure? Yes, but Technically, we lost money, but a business failure it is it is more we try to operate I I call it leaving crumbs I don't WanNa go through life leaving crumbs where I've gotta look over my shoulder and and feel like I've done people wrong. So That's probably it. Yeah. I wouldn't call that a failure I. think that's admirable and we've done that I mean losing money for us. We've walked away from you know Ernest my I've actually had situation where not only did I cancel and gave him earnest money she called me later I was like I lost this because. You're buying it. How much did you lose because? They are I wrote her a check for that whole 'cause. Yeah. She made a decision based on my offer, right? Right. I rather like I sleep better. Accepting a check. Than you know knowing someone's out there like suffering. Because of me exactly. So you have any ray wants to know what title company are using I'm guessing she's in your market plundering peavy settlement I'm glad you asked the best. and Patrick Vieira wants to know when you start it. What kind of budget did you have? Man Five thousand postcards. Could phone a friend here at call my wife but whatever cost five thousand postcards. The data was was pretty cheap is using lists stuff so. Couple Thousand Bucks. So you've got a library inside your head idea right So I mean just doing quick math over one hundred books in the last few years. Well, sure. What would be the top two or three books that someone's GATT to read? man that's hard to to narrow down. The guy brought up Jaakko willing. That book was gifted to me by Ryan Schlabach who you had on your show incredible too..

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