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Sometimes these days along than Yoga class just isn't in the cards but maybe a cookie is pepperidge. Farm Milano believes you should make some time for yourself once in a while my idea of me. Time is a little bit different since I had the second baby instead of a yoga class. I'm maybe do a yoga pose just one downward dog at a time you know what I do have time for. I can eat a cookie a whole cookie eighty and eating that cookie feels like the best little piece of meantime. There is these days Milano. Cookies are the perfect treat to save her. During me time they have just the right amount of cookie and luxuriously rich chocolate. They're the type treat that you don't WanNa share not even with your kids or your husband. Remember to save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano. I Love Sports and I love my wife. I will destroy you. We haven't even started yet. If if you're the type of fan WHO LOVES TO DEBATE JORDAN LEBRON LAMBEAU versus soldier field or even the San Lot versus major league. You will love listening to our podcast. The greatest rea- some of our favorite comedian meeting friends and celebrities to come and constructively argue. Everything within the world of Sports with my competing in sports frenetic wife Megan Gaily my hilarious writer and comedian husbands. Cj Toilet lead on now so listen and follow the greatest iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Some of the best love stories come in small packages. That's why we asked you our listeners to send us voicemails of your own love stories. We'll be running a few of them before season four starts. They're short and sweet and all of with them even the ones that didn't make it to air because we got so many reminded us about the many ways that we can commit to one another so here are three many love stories. We used to tide you over until we launched season for April. We've got a dirty dog that led the love on a camping trip. A couple of learned to meet in the middle over the course of two decades and a middle school relationship that persevered against all odds enjoy.

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