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Gov. Good morning, it's four 38s traffic and weather on the 8s. Carlos Ramirez is in the WTO traffic center. Thanks, Nick. I 95 southbound remains closed. Just got off the phone with a listener, giving us the information they've been stuck there since one 30 in the morning just over three hours in the closure. The accident scene happened at Maryland 100 and they were forced to shut down all lanes for the investigation going on. That's still going on. As of now, traffic has not moved traffic that was stuck between one 95 and 100 is still sitting there. If you're headed southbound on I 95 coming from the Baltimore area, you're going to see delays from the Baltimore beltway down towards one 95 because all traffic there, it's detoured onto southbound one 95 to head down towards the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Southbound side, westbound side of 8 95 also shut down because, well, where does it end? I 95. So all traffic there gets forced to forced onto route one. Follow police direction through that area, try to get more information on how quickly maybe the folks stuck in those delays or rather stuck in that closure will be able to get out of there. Down in Virginia that you found outside of 66 while some of the work crews are in the clearing stages, there are definitely still out there between 28 and the fairfax county Parkway, single lane gets by, and then you're forced to use the access road to get past the fairfax county Parkway, outer loop of the beltway is jammed between river road and across the American legion bridge. You only have a single lane on the left getting by. That's for the work zone that isn't the clearing stages, but it's so crowded on that bridge that it's really causing some dramatic delays. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK, middle school, visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC, water systems, MPF, PVF needs. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. And the forecast with storm team four meteorologist chuck bell. It is not a very pretty morning at all. Visibility is down under a mile in many spots, and the sun is

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