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To the to local stakeholders for them to work with another group of students worked with the Cumberland county planning department to look at the planning department has to update our natural hazard mitigation plan in the coming year in the students did research to help them think about. How might the risks from climate change of fact, the way they plan for and try to mitigate the hazards that people living in the county face. So those are some examples of the way that we're getting students out in into the community and really working on real authentic important challenging problems that our community is is trying to navigate and figure out how to manage better. What's been the reaction of the students? I assume that students who choose to go to consent or already sort of somewhat interested in this. But how are they sort of adopting that into their own lives is this seen as sort of a net positive by the students, and what do you expect them for them taking that into their careers beyond concern? Yes, you know, as you can imagine there's a wide range of responses from students on so when I first came to Dickinson ten years ago there, you know, very definitely the first year couple years. I was here. There were some vocal students who really questioned this and. You know, in some ways, you know, some of the seniors that first year were saying, hey, you know, this is not the Dickinson that I came to. This is not this is not the the kind of institution that. I thought I was coming to they were in the minority, but they were Bogle now ten years later, the students who come to Dickinson are finding the sort of information that you described in the introduction that they're aware that sustainability is a core. Value of what we do at Dickinson, and it's going to be part of their education here. And so it's not a surprise to anyone who who comes to our institution. So that being said there are some students who embrace this and make it very much part of of who they are what they're about other students whose attitudes are more sort of a live and let live kind of thing of. It's not what excites them, but they're happy that somebody's doing this. They're probably a few students, but I don't interact with him for much. They don't come and talk to me and seek me out those who might take a a very different view on sustainability. What would your hand from the lack of learn for other institutions, specifically other universities? I know there's no like real easy..

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