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No, I just finished seventy two holes and. Hundred hungry. I gotta go about my performance. Ridiculous question he the second question got there was about whether you had any broad comments about race, relations, hungry. Really brought. It can be Braun be nuance. Yeah, it's just, I mean, look, I want that. I want the Tiger Woods approach. I mean, tiger to his credit has been this way for a very long time. I mean, he, he wants to focus on his craft. This is why he's there and like, look, there's there's nothing wrong. I don't agree with every complaint about kneeling anthems and everything else. I mean a lot of that, like, look, if you want to be that person, you can be that person. I guess I don't agree with your rationale and a lot of the stats don't back you up, but if you wanna make those stands, I mean, you're absolutely everyone has free speech are allowed to go to make these stands and do the things that you want to do. But I mean, shouldn't you choose not to tiger a longtime ago? Had a controversy about race where someone it was. It was someone who played it was at a golf magazine and they she said something that was a little racially insensitive about him and you know everyone was going to call my God. I can't wait to hear what tiger is gonna say, 'cause obviously going to wreck this person's going to be a big controversy. And he was like, you know what? I know where we've been traveling for many years. We've been on the tour. Sure. It was just a mistake and it's no big deal like everything. Every other athlete in the world, I think would have taken that opportunity to be able to say, I get to make a racial point and look really can signal all my virtue to everyone. I'm here to play golf. Probably person probably made some dumb jokes on the steak, and that's it. That is the way God. If we could get there on Twitter, it would be a miracle for this country, but it just always have to jump to the worst possible conclusion. It's okay that he plays golf with Donald Trump and his okay. The Tom Brady does. And who cares like people are individuals, let the make up their mind. If you wanna go watch them play sports than watching play sports doc. We should lower the voting age to sixteen shouldn't shouldn't. There were a lot of people discussing that over the weekend for some reason, including a gentleman who was big with the David Hogg parkland kids. His name is Nate tin bit, and he posted this. I vaguely remember him being on stage. I don't think he spoke during the second amendment, the anti second amendment March in March in DC. But this was his his tweet always do that. Do the same thing twenty times and a tweet because that's when you something really important, really had me the last one all of the line like. Olden bus, it is all caps. So Sony was I saw this and we invited them broadcast hold on for the podcast..

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