Gewan, Cory Pine, Senate discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1620 - Corey Pein & Matt Christman: Republican Ghouls Set To Kill For Tax Cuts


You are listening to a three version of majority report with sand feeder to support the show and get another fifteen minutes daily program could jordi dot s m please draw ready rubbed with she for this friday june twenty third two thousand seventy money must michael brooks and a michael casual friday ends the fourtime award winning majority report we're broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravaged gewan is canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on today's program journalist analyst author cory pine we're talking about the senate's healthcare plan republicans moving in to destroy your health care to fund their tax give away and the next phase of late stage capitalism and down class warfare matt chris men from chapo trap house kush bomb drops by the talk about sewer socialism end of capitalism antic give us a movie recommendation plus jimmy kimmel calls out the gop for not passing jimmy kimmel task for the outlined for preexisting conditions activists in wheelchairs forcibly removed as they protest outside of mitch mcconnell's office wendell potter says that even his old buddies in the healthcare industry clinton have designed a piece of legislation quite this evil but republicans certainly can the centrists very shrewd edward loose of the financial times breaks down the numbers and he says the only alternative we have right now to trumpism is sanders ism and corporatism and explains why mock krones assent is not really all its cracked up to be plus.

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