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Won this match because he can do things now that he didn't used to be able to do in terms of volleying. His neck coverage was unbelievable with his reflexes, tight on the net, coming up with volleys that, frankly, he thought he'd missed that he would hit for winners. His backhand is better than it ever used to be. And it just kind of showed, I thought, you know, alcaraz is already amazing. He's already great. I'm so sure he's going to have a good career, you know, touch were injury doesn't affect him. But the dog just sort of reminded him down the other end. You know, if you want a legendary career, you've got to keep evolving and keep improving because you've got to get to the kind of tennis that I'm playing and I just thought that contrast between the sort of youthful promising alcaraz and the guy who's already done it for 15, 20 years was kind of fascinating to watch play out. And I get the sense that alcaraz is going to relish that development in his own game. Because he just he's already trying to add serve volley into it and stuff like that, which is an amazing thing to see a young lad with a baseline game like that prepared to do already. But I agree with you. I mean, it was Nadal just delving into everything. He's ever done. In order to find the answers and it was just intoxicating as a contrast and also the moment that the wind dropped and then it was like the civil right there. Let's go for it land. We can stop hitting it down the center. Let's tee off for half an hour. He's got it. Yes, it was like, it was like that moment in an F one race where they get rid of the safety car and they were just unleashed suddenly. It was like it was like a sprint to the finish. God, it was amazing. And look, Nadal, look, I know he lost the final. But he has enriched and lit up this first few months of the Tennessee. I'm really incomplete awe at what he's done, his best ever start to a season at his age, having just come back from a really career threatening injury and yeah, I've enjoyed watching him so, so much, and I'm kind of fascinated by what he does about the clay now, you know, given he has had an injury here. The foot has also been a problem. I don't know whether he's going to play his usual full scattered on the clay. I would think he would try, but it's going to be interesting to see what he does about the clay over the next few months. That's going to be another kind of fascinating element to Nadal's season, I think. Because he's not going to play Miami he's due to play Monte Carlo, then Barcelona, then Madrid then Rome, the usual. So yes, we will watch with interest and bring you all of the movements as they take place. Right. The doubles tournaments Jack sark and John Isner won their second Indian Wells title together. They also went in 2018, heck of a run to the title, they beat Nikola mektic in mato Paris in round one, Nick curios and tenacity Kaka nakas in round two, so that's the Australian open champions and the multiple Grand Slam champions in the previous round. Stefano sits a basin to Feliciano Lopez in the quarterfinals. Zverev and galli bev in the semis and then Gonzales and roger vasili in the final. Jack sock in the words of John Isner, Catherine, best doubles player in the world, hands down. That's a burn, isn't it for the special case? Who were taking a momentary break from changing the sport? Now, you're going to have to help me with the names of the women's doubles champions Catherine. I've got them written down in front of me, but I'm really not confident. You've been saying them all week. Who won the title? Ju and Yang, the first all Chinese pairing to win a title at 1000 level. And they were joy to watch actually jus in particular, she was she was a magician out there in terms of what she could do with her racket. It was, yeah, it was a really classic doubles watch. And they beat Asia Muhammad and he was Asia Muhammad's partner. Yes. But Asia Muhammad is the one I'm thinking of because she's just been on a ridiculous tear recently. She was unbeaten in singles and doubles across 20 ish matches. Most of the ITF level it has to be said, but you know, Windsor wins and reached the final 1000 level within a shibahara and they were scratch pairing. For that tournament, so yeah, and they took a break early on. And it looked like, you know, the role would continue incredibly impressive to turn it around. And that's quite a big deal. You know, first all Chinese pairing to win at this level, so wants to watch. Very much so. So Miami is starting tomorrow, the WTA event, the ATP event starts on Wednesday, a couple of draw highlights here Amanda Ennis over against Shelby Rogers in round one, Naomi Osaka could face Angelique Kerber in round two. It's like this all the time, isn't it? Just Grand Slam champions facing off. Talking of which emirati against the amount of halo is a possible round three. In the ATP events, Novak Djokovic is, by the way, he's back to number one in the world. Of course, he's not playing Miami, but he's got himself back to the top ranking Dan and Medvedev needs to get to the Miami semis to get it back. Could face Andy Murray in the second round could Daniel Medvedev Murray faces federica del bonis in the first round and a quarter that has stephanus sits a pass carlot alcaraz Felix Jose auger and Taylor Fritz unless he withdraws. They're all in the same quarter, which is a really packed little section of the draw..

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