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Career move. Learn more at UMG C dot EDU. Certified to operate by shev. Traffic and weather on the 8s to rich hunter in the WTO P traffic center. All right, still have the closures up in Montgomery village in the gays Berg area goshen road between stauffer school road and bramble brush drive as they continue to clean up and repair work from yesterday's small aircraft crash, again a lot of equipment still on scene, but most of the farm rescue apparatus have gone back in service, there are power foods out there continuing to work, so be a be aware that there's still some areas without power sea may still encounter some dark intersections, please be extra careful if you do, there's also a stretch of snowflake school road closed between goshen road and Lewis berry drive, traffic redirected each way there as a result as well. A two 70 I 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway as of late without issue, 50 running well between the district line and Annapolis, no issues at the bay bridge as of late, you've got three lanes west pond two lanes east pan and no delay in either direction. If you're traveling into the district early, I two 95 north D.C. two 95 south moving well, no concerns long dear avenue as of late, for northeast and northwest. Over an upper northwest Massachusetts avenue just west of DuPont circle near the intersection with 20th street, again you were under a police traction there as a result of a crash, rich hunter W tip traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologists, Ryan Miller. Tracking a cold front is pushing towards the region and through the morning hours, we're going to continue with

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