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He says, when send entered the world, chaos entered the world. Isn't that a great way to look at that? And that's what batters our ship every day. Right. This is the chaos of this world. You know, keeping that trend of the boat metaphor. You had a kayak story in the book that was, I mean, first of all, it's hilarious, but you started, I'm going to jump in and say something. You go ahead. Sure. All right, well, when I was pregnant with our fourth boy, I was about 30 weeks pregnant. So I had two elementary schoolers at the time, and I think our third was probably two or three years old. I decided it was a good idea for us to go and do this big kayak trip. Here's the interruption. What were you thinking? Oh my gosh. Jim, I don't know. 30 weeks pregnant. Yes. Was this like a pregnant thing? It was a pregnancy. Oh, let's go for this kayak. It really was. How did you even like comfortably get in the thing? I don't even know. Like I look back on this because I had to have on a vest. And everything and I'm like, how did this even happen? But we were on a little family stroll by the Savannah river in our town of Augusta, Georgia. And I'd always wanted to do the kayaks, and I saw them, and I had that pregnancy brain moment and I was like, this is the moment. It's a beautiful day. It's not too hot. Let's do this in my sweet husband, looked at me probably like I was crazy, but was like, if you're in for it, I guess I am too. So we proceed to go on this kayak trip. And as you can imagine, we have two separate kayaks, Dave's, you know, in one kayak with two kids. And I think I'm in one with our toddler in our toddler. It could even better. No, it is insane. So our toddler starts being just nuts.

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