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So, Larry, you wondered aloud where Niners. Seahawks rivalry wise, Where does that rank for the Niners? Obviously with the history with cowboys. Floor it into the mix. I'm going totally Just see the floor to you because I I just feel like it's conversation that I should listen to then be involved in. However, I do want to throw out. One team. And it is not the Rams because the Rams diners is a rivalry only in the sense that they played each other forever and There now. Geographically close. You know, with the exception of when they were the Rams were in Seattle, you can't count the Bears because all the Niners do is beat the Bears in the playoffs. My memory serves me correctly. But I want to throw out one team. Where do you put the New York Giants? In that nine arrival remix. They're right there with the with Washington. You know, Washington also was a dominant team in the eighties. Niners had some, you know, lost the NFC title games to Washington in 83. I think that you know on some bad calls that probably fueled them partly in 84. I think Washington the Giants that have kind of the same Really, Sam. Really? Yeah, because the miners have history with both those NFC East teams. The Giants man giants. There are maybe a little worse because what they did to your quarterback. Your quarterback, But I I would say you know what? I'm trying to get you up, and I'm trying to get you going down. It was all about. He was all about the Rams. You know, we'll beat the Rams. Yeah, because the Niners and Cowboys You know, I have got it on in the early seventies. So's definitely Niners Cowboys, but but it was Ram's were the divisional opponent. You didn't see the Cowboys every year and Ah, so it was like, Yeah. I mean, it was Niners Rams and and then you know that those were big games and In the 80 81 when the Niners beat the Rams, But, yeah, Niners cowboys right was probably were to Seattle go from the sea to the NFC. Man. I don't remember. Um, because that's obviously when the Niner Seahawk rivalry was born in in reality and was like 99 2000. So when it went, when did they go to the Super Bowl against the Steelers. I mean, I could look so ball. I'm asking the question because that was Super Bowl. 35, wasn't it? I think I was Super Bowl 35. And they were they were in the NFC by then. So that was in 2000. I forget exactly when it was 2001 thank you to him. It was a long time ago. But it wasn't that long ago when it's you know, 19 years to be exact looking me doing math on the fly. Pandora. Take rope of that in that time, but there used to be Seattle Raiders. They he's a big one. Seattle Raiders, I'll give you one that I did. That I find More recent and a rivalry for the Niners. The Packers The Packers had some epic playoff games against the Niners, and you had the Teo throw. You had Kaepernick's performance against the Packers last year. Yeah, but that's been that's been together. That's been kind of a good one to really we're talking about is like The best teams against the best teams is really what Ah Would start rivalries. Those your best robberies have always said you have geographical robberies. And then you have rivalries that are for something that one teams in the way of another team getting to the ultimate ultimate goal and in the best case scenario. You have both of them like the Ravens and the Steelers and the Seahawks and the 40, Niners and Duke in Carolina. And look, I mean, like Louisville, Kentucky, basketball is great. Very different conferences, so it's still fun, because how much they hate each other. That's the that's the hate part of. It's kind of amusing to me, but but it's still You're gonna have to meet the and the from the incidentally tournament over and over again for it to be just like epic, But that's ultimately what like Carolina and Duke do is they meet each other to try to win the CC. Get better seating, so it's different Cause college grad school allows so many teams in their playoffs, but that's what you get, like one yet. L s U Alabama, both in the same conference boat trying to get a bid to the playoffs. Ah, and we usually one gets it. Maybe one dozen. Sometimes they both get it. But I mean, those are the best those of best when their geographical and They play every year. Like you know, they're going to play and they're they're in each other's way. That's those of those The best ones. Let me throw one in for the Niners that I just thought about. When you taught me brought up Green Bay. Kind of low key but Niner fans. You know what I'm talking about? The Saints. How many epic games of the Niners played against the state's playoffs and regular season going back as you know, as recently as last travels, But, yeah, I was just about to bring it up in the eighties, man. We've heard Steve talk about it. Having to deal with that. Don't patrol seven Rick Jackson, and that's what Turnbull these guys coming off the edge. What did Steve say last week that's willing and Pat swilling Jackson and Jackson were lined up at a 45 degree angle and pointed Steve, as if to say we're going to meet at that guy. It's for a team in the gate is the channel Wass, You know, team in the late eighties that should not be forgotten because they were fierce on our good buddy Keith Malard is a berry guy and listens a lot. You can be our Keith. If you're out there, shout out to you. Malard and Dolman in those Vikings in the eighties, knocked the Niners often 87. The Niners had to con climbed that mountain, Bubba had to beat Doman. They had to figure out a way to to beat to neutralize that incredible Viking defense. On and I think it was like what? It was 80 80 87. They lost 88 89 think all three of those years. I think there's John Randall on those teams. This is Mrs Henry Thomas. I think maybe okra Henry Thomas more Lord Dolman. Just vote milord and Dolman at that master Mass, just, you know, as good a tackle and combination as their waas mean, those guys were playing at a really high level. All right. Kyle Shanahan, Niners head coach joining us shortly. Larry's got have passed headlines next here on the Sports League on.

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