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<music> you're listening to the daily sales tips podcast. I'm your host scott ingram as we kick off another week. This felt like the perfect tip to share a tip from my friend camille clemens who was the star of episode thirty six on the sales success stories podcast here. She is today's the day why you ask well. Why not i've been telling scott for over two hundred episodes that i would send him. One of my thoughts and i never quite got around onto it. Why too busy lame nothing to say you're right. I don't have the right equipment please. The list could go on except today. I decided to stop the nonsense in say why not we're all in sales. How many times have you chosen. Listen not to pick up. The phone are not to press send and that email too often and i'm guilty of the semi career as well. We've put affect that aren't fully prepared. We say <hes> if i just had one more piece of information or one other angle on that new regulation then i would be fully prepared. Forget it. You're never going to be fully prepared. What if you call and they don't answer what if you draft the best email in the history of emails and it bounces then what i guess back into the cycle it goes this could go on and on and you could spend your entire career quote unquote preparing and never really get to the big game. I'm gonna pull a page from a friend of mine jeff noel who says eighty he says eighty percent of the information is all i need the rest will come. It will sort itself out and if you get to one hundred percent. It's never going to be the all right one hundred percent in the first place or take it a step further and adapt elon musk's seventy percent requirement doesn't matter the point is don't wait until you feel like you're fully prepared that day may never come make today the day and go out and be great. So what are you going need to stop putting off today. You're probably not ready but that's okay. What are you going to do anyway. Join the conversation at daily sales dot tips forward slash asked to twelve. That's also where you'll find links to my full conversation with camille and be sure to check out the sales success stories book as well if you haven't already where you'll find three remorse stories from camille. Thanks for listening and be sure to swing by tomorrow for another great tip from jason bay.

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