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Guard flew Blackhawk helicopters over Slidell Memorial Hospital, ST Tammany Parish Hospital and the North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond. One person tells us they were rescued during Hurricane Katrina by the same type of helicopter used in the flyover. I learned to love Blackhawks with Katrina on. They saved us from Methodist Hospital in New Orleans east during Katrina, and it's great to see him again. The flavor also included Lafayette and Lake Charles. Another was held to honor first responders in central and north Louisiana. Here's the local weather expert forecasts tonight. It looks very muggy. No surprise there as temperatures dropped to about 80 degrees. Tomorrow we'll look for highs about 90 for once again. That's been the trend this week. Low to middle nineties for highs. The Heat index will likely be about 100 to 105 plus again so Another day to take it easy. If you have to be outside our rain chance tomorrow, about 30% for some spotty thunderstorms Friday, we increase the rain chance to 60% as our pattern changes and highs will be about 91. We'll be watching in case of a couple of isolated, really heavy downpours Friday and Saturday from your local weather. Expert Forecast center I'm WWL TV meteorologist Alexandra Cranford. I'm Chris Miller WWL first news for the latest on the pandemic. Visit wwl dot com slash corona virus for 24 7 Updates. WWL Sports Flash. After weeks of speculation. Pro football talk reported today that the NFL will indeed short in the preseason from four games to two first and last games on the schedule will be the ones cut for the Saints that eliminates their preseason opening trip to L. A to face the Rams. It also takes out the home matchup against the Miami Dolphins. Saints, as of now.

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