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The FAA. I'm Pam poo sale. Fox News commercial flights could be risk as tensions simmer between the US and do Ron the warning to commercial airliners flying over the wider. Persian Gulf is a grim reminder that thirty years ago. The US Vinson missed took an Iranian passenger jet for a war plane, killing all two hundred ninety people aboard the Vinson was protecting commercial ships in the strait of Hormuz when the incident occurred. Fox's Jennifer Griffin. US defense officials say, Iran appears to be realizing the seriousness of the situation, they say, some of the missiles, believed to have been loaded onto at least who ships have been removed overhauling education, democratic presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders making his case in South Carolina seen mostly but not all Republicans in Washington DC, and in state capitals all over this country makes. Savage cuts to public education to combat disparity as an education funding Senator Sanders is proposing new investments in programs that serve high poverty communities, another democratic twenty twenty hopeful Joe Biden is about to rally in Philadelphia. Fox's Brian is there a fitting setting for the former vice president, he was born just two hours away from Philadelphia in Scranton, Pennsylvania? This is, of course, the birthplace of American democracy. And also what he's really doing is sending a message that he is the candidate that could win.

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