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Near north hills causing a crash apart cars than leaving one passenger with a broken back this happen about to this morning police say it might be gangrelated because at least one of the passengers had an ms thirteen tattoo there are several impacts on the vehicle that show that the vehicles hit at least seven times lapd captain peter casey says police are still looking for witnesses one of the passengers was not cooperating with the cops part and plumber street is expected to stay closed until tonight for the investigation a bear recommendations to keep better track of the air new the torrence refineries been approved by the aqam md committee patrick chandler with aqam de says the two proposals will be bundled together we are going uh monitoring integrated where could have worked with them to her to work in a grand river emergency they're good about will be done through welcome you to go far removed kirk you know from another the thing chandler says the money to fund the proposals comes from the settlement with exxon mobil over the 2015 refinery explosion the full aqam debord will be presented with the recommendations next month state officials say greenhouse gas emissions are dropping dave clergymen with the air resources board says california remains on track to hit its emissions reductions bench to benchmarks for 2020 our economy is very appropriate growing support than any other economy and our emissions continue to go down government data show overall greenhouse gas emissions dropped about ten percent between two thousand four in 2015 inswinging fifteen alone emissions dropped.

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