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But I realize now he's actually done the right that it's been so long since they've done the right thing with it that I actually didn't think it was going to happen. The NWEA was always a consortium of promoters. It was that you weren't a company champion as they say in the seventy Tanaka Vern or basically. It'd be a committee of promoters, east guy had to vote a guy in the. The the the the Indo delay was the only organisation the wwl was all controlled by Vern ganja and his interests, and and the Doda WF in then WWF WWF of always been the McMahon family won promotion, but the wwl was every other promotion practically in the country all the guys Eddie Graham in Florida and the various offices in Georgia and everywhere from California to Texas, etc. Recognized one world champion the NWEA champion and what they're trying to do. Now is they're trying to just bring back importance to the championship. The guy who holds it is is a star. That's over just like the old days. He's traveling around to different promotions rang Avante or England China, and they've been defending the title all over the world just like the old days. They're not worried about being a promotion in itself. They are. They're restoring the faith in the NWEA is a world champion as a. Talented wrestler Holden it and as a traveling champion. Right. And you know, one thing that makes a built in wrestling is sometimes it's the guy that holds it. But more often, it's the number and the caliber of the people that are challenging for it that would like to have it. And that's what they're starting to build. Now. Nick was a great champion. He brought the thing back into prominence but cody's little hotter. Right. And it feels like he got a hometown decision at all. Because Cody is one of the promoters imagine that. Yeah. So now cody's a little hotter in the as of the people. And and and now he's got it. But Nick still wants it. And also they've got other challenges lining up. They're gonna crown on national champion at the end wwl seventies, which will sort of be like, the if you're a WW fan, the intercontinental title in days or the United States championship or whatever of a level that you can reach and be in contention for the world title and have something extra so the, but they're trying to do that from from from the top down. And I think that's the right way to go about it instead of trying to NWEA's coming now to the tumbler Iowa, okay before we talk about all in and the bucks, and Cody and sation sweeping the nation..

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