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Yes two two three drouin victoria the due to me what a spurs like fractured through his signature moment an interview from richard sherman sevenseason zaza see that of course from the two thousand and thirteen nfc championship game against the forty nine ers the seahawks releasing sherman in a cost cutting post injury move to tell us more about a we say a little greg bell covers the hawks for the news tribune in tacoma certainly no surprise but greg talk about of the significance of this move today and what it means for this franchise tom you're right no surprise i had expected but one of the more significant moves in seattle sports history and the very apt to cook you just play one of a second complaint in seattle sports is probably eggers double in two months kept it gets the seahawks to the super bowl it's an end of an air for sure said that he had the best five years experiments career from the first full season he started in two thousand twelve until through two thousand sixteen and then he has a torn achilles in two thousand seventy those five years of the best fighters and seattle's history by straight playoffs to super bowl first super bowl championship for the franchise three all plus three consecutive all crowe selection four pro bowl so when shannon was his fastest yachts we'd have bested other thin that's how important he was to that team met defense in that teniente that's greg bill he covers the seahawks for the news tribune in tacoma and that's a komo extra stay connected stay informed who your money had twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news now sapporo pell insurance money and business update here at call from abc news wall street weekend jobs and tariffs that we should with the two focuses this we can business after a lot of back and forth including a letter that was signed by more than a hundred gop lawmakers urging him not to president trump signed into effect sweeping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum he did make a major change their saying four now canada and.

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