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Is Fox News. Radio KLBJ. I'm John Cooley. This news service of j com roofing. Austin police say bomb techs and the fire department are investigating a suspicious package delivered to the police headquarters in downtown Austin that officials say no evacuations are taking place as of yet the city of Austin mandate that all city employees be paid a fifteen dollar minimum wage is having a trickle down effect as the city considers thirteen point five million dollar contract to continue operations at the arch homeless shelter. Stephanie hated with Austin public health says an extra three hundred eighty thousand dollars is needed just to cover the higher wages with the recommendations. New staff will need to be hired or trained in order to feel positions to achieve our desired results. Those at the arch already making fifteen dollars an hour will also be given raises reports show Texas Bouma venture capital in two thousand eighteen Krishna shirt of awesome of Austin-based live of venture partner says for startups to get a cut of that action. They should do. Two things keep adding good team members keep executing and keep legislating the progress of that all a meeting entrepreneurs do on a day-to-day basis is a startup should also actively reach out to venture capitals, you might not reach a deal, but you could get valuable feedback about what needs to be done with your business before getting outside investment. And the city of Austin is expected to approve an allocation of funds towards the long discussed Oakhill Parkway project when completed but why it oh kill will have twelve new lanes six in each direction. The city council will vote tomorrow on contributing about three point three million dollars towards that project. Now, if you're KLBJ radar weather watch for the afternoon, we'll see clouds add even some sunshine coming through a high of fifty eight turning out mostly cloudy tonight, low forty three cloudy tomorrow some drizzle developing especially later in the day, high sixty three from.

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