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Four is set i'm richard johnson adult film actress stormy daniels is telling her side of the story of the one night affair with donald trump at the white house says never happened but along with the relationship came a threat i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter taking the seats facing backwards in the backseat diaper bag you know getting all the stuff out and a guy walked up on me and said to me leave trump along forget the story and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and a beautiful little girl it'd be a shame if something how mature mom and then he was gone says that happened in twenty eleven right after she agreed to sell her story to a magazine but that deal collapsed after trump attorney michael cohen threatened to sue the head david schulkin maybe the next top trump official to leave the administration the ap says the move could come this week pending a decision on who would replace him as also word today the former us attorney joseph degen of and his wife victoria thomson will not be joining the president's legal team citing conflicts of interest over time is how the elite eight ended tonight is kansas hit a three with about six seconds to go in regulation then pulled away from dookie not to win that game eighty five eighty one and win a trip to the final four kansas coach bill self was just happy to be there i couldn't be happier more proud and in in certainly very proud to be part of that game that was an epi game that that that one of the best ones if not the best i've ever been a part of the jayhawks joined villanova loyola of chicago and michigan in the championship weekend in san antonio fears of a trade war gripping the stock markets in asia on this monday morning the markets in australia and japan and china were all off as much as one percent in early trading most of regained some of that the nikkei is now doubt about half percent in the us the dow futures index is up about a third of a percent i'm richard johnson if you run.

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