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Not GIC competitor that it poses an existential threat to American dominance. Search something on China. He did it on the Mideast. You know, even some of his severest critics on things like personality and identity. I was just looking through the LA times today, and you got a far left guy saying, you know, what Trump is right about interest rates going up to fast guy. You know? The other other columnists other mainstream media folks are gone. Yeah. Well, you know, we have been in the mid east for a long time. And we don't really have anything to show for it. Maybe he got the policy, right? So again, and again, Trump is showing disability, regardless of what is approval ratings are, regardless of how much he gets dragged around on the press to change the conversation in a way that I think, you know, for a guy like Tocqueville would say Americans are always hungry for someone who can promise to punch through the muck of everyday life seems to slowest down and make it so hard to get what we see out there on the horizon. So, you know points to Trump in that respect is a guy who can. You can really cut through and get to to things that Americans have been brewing about speaking. Speaking of punching through James poll, it seems to me with this book, you punch through across time, the lessons of historical political philosophy and the powers of observation from the days of Ditto Volta the here and now and we want to thank you for your time. Again, the name of the book the art of being free how Alexis de Tocqueville can save us from ourselves written by James polos who grew up in danville. And is now editor at large the American mind that new online publication from the Claremont institute James it has been a joy and the book is quite intriguing. Thanks so much. Glad to be here. Great to have you, sir. And look for James is writing not only the book the art of being free. But also as he is editor at large at the American mind now..

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