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Dan Snyder. And how it's warranted. He said he's also deserving of praise. That might come his way during the teams rebuild and culture shift. That praise is coming. Yeah I mean I I wouldn't write that And I like some of these fan websites you know. I do because I think they are. Actually you know they're that they're plugged into the team but nothing gets by them in terms of what's going on and they're passionate and all this fan site some of them are good. Some of them aren't I I don't. I'm not familiar with this person. I just pulled up the story that you're referring to I don't know this person. Zachary Neil There's no real iheart at the FOTI person. I've no idea I can tell you this. There's no way in. Hell that you'd get me on radio to say that. Dan Snyder deserves some credit for the recent culture shift in Washington because first of all I don't know that there's been a culture shift. I'm I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that there might be a culture shift. He talked about culture on the happy. You know the day of the happy Thanksgiving introductory press conference for Ron Rivera. I think he recognizes that the culture under Bruce Allen wasn't very good but the problem I've always had and the reason I'm not jumping head. I like some of you have which by the way some of you always do. And I I'll I'll be the first to admit that when they hired when they hired Mike Shanahan and even Bruce Allen in two thousand ten Tommy and I were doing the show together i. We're all lynn and I I was. I was lecturing people. If you recall in that first season that they wanted to see change so quickly and I said look if you can't handle it go antiquing with your white wife. Stop Watching football and we'll let you know when it's safe to come back in but but the real men are going to hang in there and watch this thing change and we. I was wrong. You know dead wrong I like Rivera. I think Ron Rivera is a really good higher for them. And I think he's a you know a leader in a respected guy but so is Mike and so is joe in so you know so is Marty and you know I i. I don't know that there's been a culture shift. I'm hopeful that there will be. But here's the problem. I've always had when I WANNA get more optimistic than I am. And that is the belief that I have that there is a a true personality flaw for the organization and for the owner and it is the. It's the combination of incredible arrogance and not having any idea what he's doing and because of that. I don't think he'll ever ever admit that it's been him that it's his fault. I think every step along the way you know it was spurrier's fault. It was Vinnie's fault because he hired zone it was it was high on Mike's Fault. They were terrible people. It was now finally To the realization. Oh my God. Bruce has been effing me here for the last several years. He's really screwed me. You know he brought this terrible coach back kept in a kept him for five and a half years it was bruce's fall and I just think that's a personality flaw and I also think you get to a certain age and when you're not self aware you're not all of the sudden gonNA become self aware and they if you haven't developed some level self-awareness especially when you have the money where you don't need that's right part of it. That's part of it now. You know somebody with that kind of ego has definitely been embarrassed here. You know he'd he doesn't think it's his fault. And that Hashtag Bruce Allin probably emboldened him in the feeling that it wasn't in that people weren't you know sort of you know they. They weren't they weren't going after him for the failure but he has to been embarrassed to look out into his seventy five thousand seat stadium and on occasion. See No more than fifteen or sixteen thousand people in the stands more than half of whom were rooting for the opponent. That had to really be a major major wakeup call. That's a little bit different from what we saw. In previous rock bottoms. You know not to mention and we've mentioned this before just the sinking television ratings but again the thing that always worries me is I think and believe that. He doesn't believe he's responsible for any of it. And I in that means that you know he'll be. He won't resist jumping back in if he feels like it isn't going well. I think one of the things you've said and I've sort of heard a little bit. Is that while? This isn't an ultimatum from him but that there is some sense that Rivera needs to prove pretty quickly that he's competent in that it's heading in the right direction. You know if they were to have a foreign twelve season this year. And he you know the fucks around with the quarterback situation and puts Kyle Alan in there and he stinks too. You know. Dwayne isn't any good. You know that could be problematic for him. The way the way to hold off Dan Snyder is to be very successful early. And then become very popular. I mean and and and Ron Rivera popularity. His straight you know if he if he turns this around quick he'll become like an a redskins icon just like that fans will love him and it will give him the power that he needs to fight. Dan Snyder if and when they have to over internal politics this is this article also pointed out what I call the mob boss car wash. It talked about how Snyder deserves credit for his public actions in response to the virus. How he move quickly to suspend travel for scouts how we opened up Fedex field to The Maryland government so they could use it for a testing site and also.

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