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Proud sponsor of Indiana basketball, briefly mentioned Jordan pool from Michigan potent three point shooter is he's had nine straight games. Double figures for this. Michigan teams they've got three guys averaging over thirteen points per game. That's what makes this Michigan team. So the Dr. Because they can get you in a lot of different ways in coach D line. His offense is so spread out that they make you choose what you want to do a great job with their spacings. And they skip the ball. Well, they wanna plunge ball screens. And they beat you on your closeouts Indiana's really struggled early in this game on close out three point shooters. If you're too aggressive, and you're not ready to chop your feet Michigan. We'll take you right to the basket and get you on dribble penetration. If you're to software pit out. They've got great shooters they'll step up and hit a three early in this game. Miskin started six to seven from the field. They've hit their only two point two three pointers of the game. Fourteen points in the first five minutes way, too many points to this defense got the lockdown against the shooter's gay brought to you at part by caresource individual and family health insurance will help ensure it's from care source. You're not just covered you're covered with kindness. Michigan basketball bay lead at five five savior Simpson with us rebels to the top takes to the left. Polls. Dracula right, drives it to the wing and stops throws it back outside the Matthews. He finds pool on the left side full fakes pulls up for a long. Three. Bowl great twice style. With eight points already burning Indiana will those three point shots seventeen dollars Indiana down eight. Here where the ball is algebra bats past. The devante inside throws at the corner of the sack Roberts data Durham, he drives in the lane and got the ball scolded away. Here's Charles Matthews. The other way throws it up. As it started. Just exactly like we hoped. It would back stab. Ten nine thousand nine hundred nine fourteen. Now, here's girl outside Justin Smith back to Durham does up to the grain. He tries to penetrate pulls up. Let's go up three at rims out way comes off to prazegas. He pitches Xavier Simpson he brings it across the timeline back breath. Baker's he tried to fake his way in with good dot throws it back outside the Simpson Simpson. Top of the key works to the left cut off by cliff more than back outside the test. Now again, Simpson with a wall circles to the right throws at the corner Debrosse Vegas. We'll take three and he will rebound batted out abide by testy, and it'll belong to Michigan apparently kicked it back on the floor and hit L Durham what about good hustle play by their the. Actually played pretty good defense here the lasting possessions. But that's one down. You got again the weak side rebound after a good defensive possession contested three point shot. You gotta come away with that. Six ten Austin Davis comes into give John SEO blow past comes into Davis. He gives it right back to Jordan pool. Basketball starts to the right cutoff. Throws it inside of Austin Davis. Clipboard. Davis has got his first two flights. To call a timeout. The Dow with thirteen twenty two on the clock here in the early going in this basketball game. And look what Archie Miller has got to do is going to bring Romeo and don't Jawad bolt back with two personal fouls after this time out. Buffalo Wild Wings. The proud hang out for who's your athletics got up from those guys. And this is where as a coach you hate to have to put the guys in two thousand but time and for the last thing you want is to this game to get away from you, and it's trending in that direction right now Michigan's dawn on a big run here with Jon Morgan and Romeo Lankford on the bench, thirteen minutes left. Yo this first half. You don't want those guys picking up their third foul. But at this point you got to have them in the game just to stay competitive. What do you want?.

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