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It's a giant to dealing with injuries at the cornerback position for the giants as the Andre Baker who went with went through further evaluation this morning by the team physician at the hospital for special surgery and they have confirmed a sprain it to the left knee for de Andre banker so that's probably good news because it could have been worse so his status is day to day on the jet side of things to me Johnson who may be outside of Sam Donald one of the most important figures for the New York Jets in twenty nineteen because of eighty the expectations they have for him or had for him when they sign that big contract a year ago be the lack of depth at the cornerback position and see they just need him to be better he was awful last year so he is a big figure in twenty nineteen and so far there's nothing to report on the fact he's hurt he had an MRI on his hamstring I saw in the Vasquez Tweedy covers the jets for man for the record in north Jersey that is not a minor issue gays is saying that the starting cornerback position is week to week first of all the other side of Jimmy Johnson was always weak and now you may not have trimming Johnson to this is the worry about training camp surviving it without pivotal injuries in both the jets and giants here in the early going dealing with injuries at the corner position where you're not exactly that the they need true main Johnson the only be healthy but to be effective and who knows what we're gonna see him who knows we seem at the start of the season at this point let's go to Jeffrey and I can sack a Jeffrey hiring welcome back to the mid day the back thanks you know I don't really want to complain much amount which had been with the mess I mean sixteen of eighteen there's really not much to complain about down the road we really need to do something about this bench I mean we have four guys coming off the bench that will hitting on did you want yeah now why is arid all tears still on this team and we're garrison the same player here's the problem it is your right and one let's start with this issue the is is they have if they take Garrett alter off the roster they have to replace it with somebody and if you look at the Mets forty man roster they don't exactly have a lot of great replacements that's the big one I want to ask you about this because you know this more than me they don't have any mining who's even remotely better than than what they have now right now on their forty man roster they have nobody if you look at the minor leagues where they could call someone up and remove someone from their forty man roster talking about the guys we've already seen this year like arise a Davis and Carlos Gomes that's what I bring a guy like Espinoza either majorly bad he's got some pop I know we need a westie what he's better than we have now well here's the thing in leukemias pronounces not very good anything in feel and I think they would want another guy who could play the outfield the thing about Carlos Gomez Raji Davis Danny Espinosa and I got a check out I'd been doing recently they're all not on the forty man roster I don't think that parts that complicated because I think you simply get rid of Arnold there he stinks it was a big deal you do you have a ham your place in with one of those guys any one of those guys I would venture to say we give you a better chance at the plate down all tear would you lose would be the defense and I think you want to replace him with an outfielder now what would solve all of this is Brandon Nimmo getting healthy because of Brandon Nimmo gets healthy there you go yeah activate minimal all terror is gone and now you've got yourself what you hope is a competent back either off of the bench or maybe starting you can't think about you know when it says but if he's never coming back I still don't believe Jed Lowrie exists even though Mecca Mickey Galloway says he exists so getting one of those guys back would be a big help but I'll check on those three veterans and see how they're doing down there a triple a but those are right now your options or you can wait for somebody else to get the FAA somebody else to get released we've already seen in other veterans just randomly get cut because they're not very good then you kind of take a flyer on one of them somebody when I was playing baseball yesterday fanbase ballers regular season finale congradulations to make men they finish with the best regular season record of the Mongols beat the Broe's yesterday but while I was on first base somebody said Hey Evan would you want Curtis Granderson if he's the FAA the problem with Curtis Granderson is that what I don't know how much he laughed and I certainly don't look at him as a guy capable of playing center field Stephen bayside what's up Steve what's up I want to get to the stuff with the umpire go ahead there are a few years ago you might remember there was a study that younger hires tend to get the balls and strikes Cold War accurate accurately than older ones which would make sense because you know as anyone over forty knows your eye sight doesn't get better as you get older right right you know but there is kind of but just create kind of a cultural problem which I think baseball had to be expecting where the the veteran umpires guys that have been around you have the exact same call by a veteran umpire or by a younger a pirate the veteran guys can get more of the benefit of the doubt that the younger guy as you kind of have to prove themselves to the managers to the veteran players to to the guy that I've been around in baseball what Brett Gardner I thought raised a really interesting point when he said that these guys are not accountable now that's something and that's why they don't respect that's why somebody like him in but has a lot to say about all things sometimes but I do think he was right about that that a lot of players don't respect umpires for that reason that's something that's very fixable I mean if you want to have you know if you want to open up the the umpires to you know to be interviewed about from what I understand only the crew chiefs are interviewed at this point if you want to if if Major League Baseball walks on cars to to get in front of you know reporters then then do it that will be if that would fix this problem and by the way they would be doing themselves your part be doing themselves a favor because they would get their side of the alley which really doesn't happen I agree and Joe always said this for years about NFL officials that he wants them held accountable they should have a press conference to let players and coaches I've always agreed with them and I think that it would help because I think that an umpire an official may actually do things differently if they know after the game they've got a they got to meet the media they have to answer tough questions I think on buyers would be likely to throw people out so you know I don't think it's about that necessarily I think that this is a very one sided conversation where nobody ever hears the umpires part of the story look there's no that they make errors at you know parts make mistakes too and if you have if they it seems like they're very resistant to having to defend themselves they should be they should they should have what kind of coach them and what the United States and the date that you get there sort of story out okay but how would this empire from Friday night be able to how would Siegel be able to defend himself well you could you could own up to and say look I messed up that's all you have to do that I mean I don't look Brett Gardner may not accept his apology but I think that's always the best best course of action because after a while of somebody says Hey I screwed up what do you do he's going to beat him up all day if they admit Hey I mess this one up I think it would be good for a lot of aspects and good for many reasons if officials in all sports not just Major League Baseball umpires make the media after the game was over by the way I look at the box score from yesterday's Syracuse mats nor fox tied the game and I Walker lock actually pitched six innings ten hits three runs not too bad Paul see Walden to Peterson out of the bullpen with a couple scoreless innings Raji Davis let often played center went over forty sitting to eighty with a seven twenty three O. P. S. Rubin Dada was batting third my god took it over but he's hitting three thirty two within eight eighty eight P. S. so he's got some very good numbers Danny Espinosa our caller mentioned it clean up played shortstop you want before hitting two fifty with a seven fifty four O. P. S. deals in Herrera was actually playing for space in this game Gregor Blanco another veteran we forget about was the D. H. he's heading to thirty eight with a seven forty five P. as so the Mets are filled in triple a with a bunch of these older Iran former major leaguers none of them are really put up great numbers I mean Dada probably has the best numbers of the group and so at some point is specially of Wanli Garris is going to be the defense of guy in center field if that's your late inning defensive replacement because that's basically what our all terrorists are older can't hit the guys you know waiting he's not in at all but if you choose ligera so overall tear did any one of these guys could come up here and be as bad let's face it could just be as bad as Arnold there well maybe they run into one you take your pick the other thing is you gotta get them on the forty man roster so that that's the only issue but they got it just get with faculty it is believed that seems pretty easy six minutes in front of twelve o'clock we'll take more your calls I got a quick view on this Antonio brown saga that continues but I'm gonna Roberts here in the midday until the Yankee pregame show coming up in about a half let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably most along and see if anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your.

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